We all know that Thanksgiving is but a few days away.  Not only does travel go up around this time of year but so do the calories being consumed. Between eating while traveling, going to holiday parties filled with alcohol and buttery appetizers it’s hard to put forth a good effort of resisting the temptation of food that only comes around once a year.  To help, here are some simple tips and tricks to help your waist line.

First off, a classic Thanksgiving meal can have an upward of 3,000 calories in that meal alone.  Call me crazy but I don’t want to go cross country skiing for the next 7 hours to burn off that 3,000 calories. Instead, I rather enjoy the wonderful food that has taken so long to prepare while not hurting my waist line.  This will then help put me in the back of the line, instead of the front, when it comes to raising their hand on weight loss New Years resolutions!



Holiday Eating Tips and Tricks

1) Best advice, don’t gobble  while you wobble….aka…don’t eat/snack standing up but rather only eat while seated.

2) Decrease the carbohydrates.  Carbohydrates make you tired more so than the theorized tryptophan in turkey.  So if you want the energy to go cross country skiing, don’t load up your plate with carbohydrates such as rolls, stuffing, sugar, crackers, corn, or desserts but rather, stick to lean protein such as your turkey and vegetables.

3) Stick with protein.  Whether you like white or dark turkey meat, be generous on your protein serving.  Cheese, milk, eggs, beans, nuts and meat are all good sources of protein.  Most people won’t over consume these food items, except for maybe the nut part if you are like my father, but they will help keep your waist line trim and will keep you feeling satisfied.

4) Make your own cranberries.  Cranberries from a can are convenient and tasty but they pack a ton of sugar.  Try making your own cranberries not only because its fun but because you have control of what you put in it.  Try infusing them with orange…its delicious and cuts the bitterness!

5) Try making pumpkin pie without the crust.  Instead, use crushed up nuts, spices and canned pumpkin to make a decadent dessert.

6) Don’t forget the exercise. Play active games with children such as the Wii Fit, or build a snowman or help put up decorations.  Any and all movement counts so get going!

Regardless if tips and tricks are the way to go remember, splurging on the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) won’t hurt your waist line. Instead, it is what you decide to do between Thanksgiving and Christmas that could!

Happy Holidays!