Fresh fruits and vegetables pack a healthy punch when it comes to vitamins and minerals.  However, each fruit and vegetable have certain months when they are in season.  For example: Ever try a strawberry in December versus a strawberry in June?  If you are from the Midwest, like  me, I couldn’t tell you what that strawberry tasted like in December.  The strawberry in June, on the other hand, is so red, plum, and sweet that the juices come streaming down my face upon my first bite.

One way to insure freshness of your fruits and vegetables is by buying them directly from a farmer at a local farmers market.  Not only does buying produce form a farmers market ensure freshness but it also increases profit to food processors, decreases transportation, handling, refrigeration, and storage time. Farmers markets are also a great way to support your community and other local businesses.  Many times farmers markets are not exclusive to selling produce but also home crafted goods, local wares, wineries, and live music among others.  Therefore, its a great place for social gatherings and to advertise local businesses.


However, if buying locally grown produce is your main reason for going to a farmers market, know when the fruits and vegetables you are looking for are in season.  From May to early July, Apricots are in season.  Ripe apricots can be both sweet and tart.  When buying apricots look for those that are deep orange, fairly plump, and soft enough to yield to gentle pressure. Once purchased, store ripe apricots in the refrigerator for up to one week.  For apricots that are unripe, place  apricots in a paper bag at room temperature for one to two days.

Apricots are not only a delicious treat on their own but they are also great for cooking.  Additionally, apricots are a good source of fiber, vitamin A (from beta-carotene) and vitamin C.  Apricots also contain additional health properties such as reducing heart disease when consumed on a regular basis. With that in mind, next time you are out at a farmers market, buy apricots and see how many ways you can change their flavor by cooking and baking with them!




Asparagus, May through August

Basil, August and September

Beets, June through October

Bitter melon, August through October

Blueberries, July into August

Broccoli, June through October

Brussels sprouts, August through mid-November

Cabbage, June into November

Cantaloupes, August and September

Carrots, June through October (local harvest available from storage through winter)

Cauliflower, August through November

Celery, August through October

Chard, July through September

Corn, mid-June through mid-August

Cucumbers, July through mid-October

Eggplant, July through mid-October

Garlic, August through November

Grapes, September

Green beans, July through September

Green onions, June through September

Greens (various), June through October

Herbs, July through October

Leeks, August through October

Lettuce (various), June through September

Melons, August and September

Mint, April through October

Onions, August through October (local harvest available from storage year-round)

Parsnips, April and May and again in October through November (local harvest available from storage through winter)

Pea greens, June and July

Peas, July through August

Peppers (sweet), July through September

PotatoesPotatoes, July through October (local harvest available from storage year-round)

Pumpkins, October

RadishesRadishes, May through October

Raspberries, June into August

Rhubarb, May through June

Rutabagas, October through November (available from storage into spring)

Shelling Beans, September through October (local harvest available dried year-round)

Spinach, May through October

Summer Squash, July through October

Strawberries, June and July

Tomatoes, July through early October

Turnips, August through November (local harvest available from storage through February

Watermelons, August through September

Wild Rice, local harvest available from storage year-round

Winter Squash, August through October (local harvest available from storage through February)

Zucchini, July through October

Zucchini Blossoms, June through August