On a cool, rainy, Spring day, there is nothing better than watching a movie in the comfort of your own home. With the windows open and the fresh, crisp air filling the room nothing screams relaxing like a movie. However, if you are like me, I can’t just sit and watch a movie without my movie snacks. I mean, what goes “butter” with a movie than popcorn and soda?


However, going to a movie can be expensive, both money and calorie wise.  Purchasing movie style popcorn, a soda, and a piece of candy can really add up. The  average daily calorie allotment is 2000 calories per day.  However, when you purchase all of your favorite movie time treats you can easily reach and/or exceed your daily calorie allotment.  For instance:

Movie Theatre popcorn: 1,200 calories, 60 grams of saturated fat, and 980 milligrams of sodium

Movie Theatre candy boxes: (Contain 3-4 ounces) 400-600 calories, 50-60 grams of sugar, 10-20 grams of saturated fat

Movie Theatre soda: (32 ounces -56 ounces) 300-500 calories, 20-35 grams of sugar

Now, it is not feasible to stay away from all movie theatre snacks as the snacks are part of the movie theatre experience.  Rather, knowing how to choose snacks that won’t break your calorie bank is a better mindset to have. Start by watching portion sizes. Yes, buying the large size of popcorn might be the better choice when it comes to cost, but the cost of adding extra calories which results in extra pounds is not work the extra $0.75 for a large popcorn.  Therefore, stick with a small popcorn, try not to add additional butter, and split that popcorn with someone else.  This will help reduce your calories by decreasing your chances for mindless eating that occurs while watching a movie.  Do the same with soda, go for the small size or just drink water.  Watch out for “fruit” flavored drinks as these are not any better for you than soda as they still contain a high amount of calories and sugar.  As for candy, it’s almost impossible to only eat 1 serving size of M&M’s during a movie.  Therefore, make sure you ask your self if you are even hungry or if you just want the candy out of habit or desire.


Now, onto my favorite.  Snacks for movies at home.  Try:

Air popped popcorn:  A whole grain, full of  fiber, and 3 cups are around 100 calories…..if you don’t load it up with butter that is!

Trail mix: Provides a good source of protein to keep you feeling full for longer.  However, trail mix is high in calories so pay attention to the serving sizes!

Hummus and Whole Wheat Pita Chips and veggies: Is a good source of protein and a great way to jazz up vegetables.

Fruit: I love making a fruit salad with marshmellows to help satisfy my sweet tooth.  Provides tons of vitamins and minerals needed on a daily basis.

Frozen Grapes:  My absolute favorite during the warm summer months.  Since they are frozen I tend to eat them like candy as they have a sweet and sour taste to them.

Homemade pizza bites: Using whole wheat crust, low fat cheese, low fat meat, and tons of vegetables! Has more substances if I am wanting to watch a movie at night.  Plus, it provides a ton of essential nutrients, Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrates needed at each meal.

With that this talk about food and movies, it is time for me to do just that.  Romantic comedy with some popcorn anyone?