From witches to monsters to princesses and football players, Halloween is just around the corner. Just like with any holiday, food and candy is in abundance this time of year.  We tend to think of Halloween as a child’s holiday but in fact, many adults celebrate Halloween just the same. In 2012, approximately 71.5% of Americans celebrated Halloween, as recorded by the country’s National Retail Federation (NRF).  This shift from a child’s holiday to an adults can be traced back to the 1970’s when Halloween street festivals took place in several neighborhoods.  In the 1980’s, Halloween gained even more traction.  With the increase in traction retailers have capitalized on the demand by developing theatrical costumes.

Regardless of where your enjoyment of Halloween comes from, either by dressing up yourself or having your children dress up, being mindful of what you eat and choose healthy options. You, your waist line, and your children will thank you!



Here are 5 easy and healthy food and non food options to keep in mind.

  1. Eat before you trick or treat!
    First, don’t try to have your children hit a record number of houses when it comes to trick-or-treating as this only leads to an increased consumption of sugar, fat, and salt over a short period of time. For instance, a child’s sugar loot from trick-or-treating adds up to about 11,000 calories, according to Children’s Healthcare.  That is the equivalent of a week’s work of calories!  When it comes to sugar content, candy packs approximately 365 teaspoons of sugar –equivalent to 12 double-dip vanilla ice cream cones. Also, try to avoid children from snacking while trick-or-treating.  To help with this, make sure stomachs are full before trick-or-treating commences.

  3. Trick or drink
    Scientists at Iowa State University have shown that a way to decrease the amount alcoholic beverages consumed on a holiday party by using skinnier glasses rather than larger base glasses.  Individuals who used skinnier glasses tended to consume 12% less alcohol than a standard glass.

  5. Zombie-proof your face
    If you or your children decide to use face pant as part of Halloween costume make sure to test the face paint on a small area of your arm before applying to the face.  Many face paints can irritate skin so know the reaction and follow directions before applying.  If face paint isn’t your thing but a mask is, make sure to wipe down the mask before using it as germs and molds can be easily found within such masks.

  7. Provide protein packed snack options
    When it comes to trick or treating or Halloween parties it is more beneficial to provide protein packed options that are more filling compared to empty calories.  Look into options of using greek yogurt as a base for dips, hummus spreads, meat and cheese platters, and hot chocolate made with milk.  This not only will appease all types of taste buds but will help keep calories at bay.

  9. Don’t reap the benefits of Halloween
    The after math of Halloween can be deadly to your animal.  Make sure to keep candy away from your dogs reach.  Chocolate, wrappers, and lollipop sticks can all cause expensive damage to your furry friend. When having a party or when children come home after a night of trick-or-treating keep food off the carpet and store it in a closed cupboard.