So far it has been one of those months where my schedule is complete madness.  I am not only working 40+ hours Monday-Friday but work weekends, attend professional MBA classes 7 hours a week, train for 1/2 and full marathons, and play intermural slow pitch softball on weekends.  I understand that I am the one who has made my schedule as hectic as it is but the stress of it all still gets to me.  Some of my tell tale signs of high anxiety and stress levels include:

Inability to sleep –> I have been waking up most nights around 2:30am and staying up until 5am

Lack of energy –> I don’t have my normal energy to hang out with friends and workout to my normal capacity

Headaches –> I obtain headaches 1-2 times a day

Being forgetful –> I can’t remember what I need to get done for the day or I lose my cell phone for a couple days…oops!

Lack of concentration –> I will be working at 3 projects at once inefficiently instead of my normal 1


Even though each individual experiences and handles stress differently it is not always easy to turn your mindset around.  However, being anxious or stressed is not something you want to experience on a daily basis for a long period of time. To help keep balance in your life using some of these tips and tricks.

Tips for finding the right balance in life

  1. Value yourself –> Avoid self criticism and do something you enjoy such as cooking/baking
  2. Take care of your body –> Harness your frustration/stress and put it into something physical like exercising, eating healthy, and obtaining enough sleep
  3. Surround yourself with good people –> Surround yourself with a support system who is there to help talk things through
  4. Volunteer –> Helping others provides internal satisfaction and reminds us that things in our lives could possibly be worse
  5. Learn how to deal with stress–> Practice coping skills as there will always be stress.  Engage in quiet time, exercise, writing, humor, etc.
  6. Quiet your mind –> Set time aside to be alone and do something for you
  7. Set realistic goals –> Set short and long term goals but be realistic.  Don’t over schedule and allow for last minute and spontaneous things to occur
  8. Change your routine –> Trying something new allows your mind to focus on what is current happening rather than previous worries.
  9. Avoid suppressants –> Stay healthy to feel healthy
  10. Surround yourself with friends and family –> Having a good support system can never hurt!

Stay strong and strive on!