The countdown begins…T-5 days until I am on a week long vacation. Even though this vacation will not be one of those relaxing vacations where I am working on my tan while sitting on a beach I still can’t wait to be in England. Whenever you travel abroad the schedule seems to be like the Energizer Bunny…constantly on the go.  Every museum, church, university, river, mountain, and eatery needs to be seen. With that in mind, I am going to need a vacation from my vacation!  But in the meantime, I am going to live up this family trip as best as I can!

Since this is not just a 3 hour drive/flight to someplace in the United States planning is necessary.  Not only do I need to plan my wardrobe, always important, but I need to plan how to stay healthy while being on vacation.  Since  a lot of planning and extra time occurs when flying, obtaining tickets, going through security, and finding, it is important to have an airport plan in place.  Here are some tips and trips to make the traveling process more enjoyable.


Ways to Stay Healthy At the Airport

  • Walk
    • Walk around your terminal  for 20 minutes. Walk instead of taking the moving sidewalks.  Walk instead of taking a tram to your terminal.
  • Pack healthy snacks
    • Try peanuts, granola/protein bars, fruit/dried fruit, protein powder, etc.
  • Stretch
    • Stretch to maintain good posture and to avoid a stiff neck.  Stretching while being seated on a plane is very important to help your muscles relax.
  • Seated Exercise
    • Try getting up every hour, even if you just walk to the restroom, and engage in simple stretches. While being seated in the airplane flex different muscles such as your legs and glutes while holding those poses for 15 seconds each. This will help increase blood flow to your lower limbs.
  • Bring a water bottle
    • Water is expensive to buy at the airport and drinking from a water fountain just isn’t enough. Airplanes also have very low humidity levels that can lead to dehydration.  Bring an empty water bottle with you along with single servings of crystal light to keep your tastes buds happy and your body feeling replenished.

So far my travel musts to keep me healthy include:

  • My FitBit
  • Ipod
  • Headphones
  • Single Serving Nuts
  • Protein Bars
  • Water Bottle
  • Walking Shoes
  • Athletic Clothes

How do you stay healthy while your are traveling?