Just like most kids, I was a picky eater when I was growing up.  Mac and cheese, grilled cheese, hot dogs, chicken strips, noodles, potatoes and corn were my main staples. However, when I turned 20 something changed and I decided it was time to try new food. I tried and liked eggs, fish and a whole slew of vegetables that I was never willing to try before.  Move forward several years later and I now consider myself a “somewhat” foodie.  Even though I wont eat everything, as certain textures don’t go over well with me, I am much more open to try and experiment with food.  I am also fortunate that a large group of my friends are foodies and enjoy ordering and sharing the food experience with me!


So what is in store for foodies like me in 2016…more Plant Based options.  People want to be healthy and part of being healthy is eating healthy.  But filling half your plate with non-starchy vegetables is not the only food trend for 2016. Check out what will be heading your way at restaurants near you!

  • Hawaiian–> Think of the sun shinning down on you while you consume coconuts, sweet potatoes, fish, seafood, pineapples and jicama.
  • Sliders –> These are mini bites of goodness.  However, sliders wont stick with just burgers but will come with fish, pulled pork and meatballs.
  • Fiery Foods –> Let’s kick things up a bit with sweet and spicy combinations to keep your palate awake.
  • Lobster Rolls –> Is a New England staple of decadent, buttery lobster on a roll.  Pure bliss.
  • Cucumbers –> Sliced, smashed, fried, or made into pasta cucumbers are the new “it” vegetable.
  • Stuffed Dumplings –> Empanadas, blintzes, samosas are all types of dough stuffed with flavorful meats and vegetables.
  • Brunch –> My favorite meal turned on its head with not your momma’s eggs but rather indulgent breakfast and pastries items.
  • Fried Chicken –> Chicken and waffles or fried chicken nachos, you name it the fried chicken will be there!
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches –> Chocolate chiffon with a caramel milk chocolate crunch…yes please!


Even though my mouth is watering just thinking about all of these succulent items, each item needs to fit into our overall healthy lifestyle.  When eating out at a restaurant order several things to try but take your time.  Don’t have the wait staff running a race from the kitchen to your table.  Instead, enjoy the food and the company while ordering food as needed.  By slowing down your meals it helps us recognize our hunger cues to prevent us from becoming over full.  Most importantly, ENJOY!