Days are getting longer and warmer. That means more people are spending time outdoors. No matter your reasons for being outside, gardening,  golfing, watching t-ball, bike and road races, etc. the amount of water you need is increased.

At any point in the year water is your best friend. During the summer months water should always be within reach. When being outdoors for leisure activities drinking high sugar containing beverages should be avoided. These beverages not only increase your blood sugar level but also make you thirsty for more.


So why is proper hydration important?

Hydration, via water, is important because your body is comprised mostly of water. For our body to function properly we need a balance of water and electrolytes in our system.

Consuming fluids on a regular basis not only helps our skin glow but helps to control our body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, removes waste and aids in metabolic processes.

First, start off your day by drinking plenty of water. Being hydrated at the beginning of day means less “hydration catch up” during the day, increased energy levels to be active, as well as decreases your risk of dehydration. Dehydration occurs when body water changes by a 2 percent decrease. Symptoms of dehydration are not only serious but deathly. When an individual is suffering from severe dehydration an individual may have altered behavior, anxiety, confusion, headaches, cramping, inability to stay away, faintness, rapid breathing, weak, rapid pulse, and a loss of consciousness.

girl holding a lemonade

Even though dehydration is not something you want to experience don’t think water is the only beverage you need to consume. Consuming food that is water based, fruit, soups, salads and yogurt are good example as well as beverages like coffee help you reach your hydration status. Most of us do well by hitting our hydration needs. However, when the temperatures rise and individuals begin to be active outdoors the amount of water needed increases.

The best way to measure your hydration status is not by how many glasses of water you consume a day but rather by route bathroom breaks every 2-4 hours and a urine that is light in color.

Ways to help you hydrate throughout the day is to keep your beverage refreshing and flavorful.  Try making your own coconut water by addition fresh coconut and liquid from the coconut to water, make homemade ice teas, do infusion waters with berries and herbs or freeze water with berries and herbs.

Stay cool my friends!