The winter holiday season is one my favorite times of year for several reasons.

  1. Spending time with family and friends
  2. Holiday parties galore
  3. Smell of holiday baking
  4. The holiday music that fills every store, restaurant, car and building
  5. Shimmering house and tree lights
  6. Greetings cards a plenty

Fortunately for me, this past weekend I was able to enjoy all of my favorite things.


  1. I was close friends,
  2. At a holiday party,
  3. Where we ate delicious food,
  4. While listening to holiday music in the background,
  5. Followed by attending the town’s tree lighting ceremony
  6. That was concluded with the dispersion of holiday greetings cards and gifts

To prepare for any holiday gathering I am always thinking of what holiday treats I can bring. Regardless of what I provide there seems to be a theme of spices that surround my dishes.  But did you know that these spices not only add depth of flavor but also have nutritional properties?


Top Spices for the Holidays

  1. Vanilla
    • Nutritional properties:
      • Contains small amounts of B-complex vitamins which help in nervous system function and regulation body metabolism
      • Contains potassium which is an important component of call and body fluids that helps control heart rate and blood pressure
    • Food recommendations:
      • May be added to any baked good
  2. Cinnamon
    • Nutritional properties:
      • Has anti-microbial properties
      • Is filled with antioxidants to protect cells in the body from damage
      • May help people with type 2 diabetes better control their blood sugar with up to a teaspoon a day
    • Food recommendations
      • Sprinkle on cereal
      • Add to smoothies
      • Incorporate into recipes
  3. Ginger
    • Nutritional properties:
      • Reduces pain and inflammation
      • Stimulates circulations
      • Helps the intestinal tract
    • Food recommendations:
      • Tea
      • Soups
      • Baked goods
      • Consume as crystallized ginger
  4. Nutmeg
    • Nutritional properties:
      • Antioxidant properties to protect cells in the body from damage
      • Contains several minerals including: copper, potassium, manganese, iron, and zinc
      • Rich in vitamin B’s
    • Food recommendations:
      • Coffee
      • Soups/sauces
      • Baked goods
  5. Cloves
    • Nutritional properties:
      • Antioxidant properties to protect cells in the body from damage
    • Food recommendations:
      • Baked goods
      • Rice dishes
      • Used in Asian and Chinese cuisine



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