Happy 2016! 

A new year means many things to many people.  For several, it means new resolutions to be a better version of yourself.  Whether you are trying to be more positive, read more, volunteer more, spend more time with your family, or just trying to get back into shape, new years resolutions take time, planning and commitment.  Usually, I am not one that makes a new years resolution.  In part because I have not been able to stick to them in years past. However, this year is different as I have a couple internal motivators to help me stay within arms distances of my goal!  One of those internal motivators is my recently engagement. Just like any other bride-to-be, I want to feel my best mentally, physically, and emotionally for a life changing celebration.


So while I look online for wedding ideas, themes, color schemes, dresses, etc., it is hard to not compare myself with other brides on their wedding day. Even though comparing one self to a picture doesn’t make sense, it happens all the time.  With unrealistic, airbrushed images floating all around us: think magazines and the internet, an individuals self esteem is tested.


A recent research study looked at just that, the effect of Facebook and conventional media on body image dissatisfaction. This study not only discussed how young women are directly affected by body image dissatisfaction (BID) through appearance comparison (AC) of societal and personal standards but also by exposure to conventional media (TV and Magazines) as well as social network sites such as Facebook. It is therefore important to provide and teach about positive body images to females at a very early age.

When thinking of new year resolutions keep reasonable goals in mind for not only yourself but your family members.  Children learn negative body images by listening to conversations in the household, in social settings and from different media outlets.

Make a healthy lifestyle and healthy body image a part of your new year resolution!