You can’t argue that the temperatures  are changing.  Over the last couple of weeks we have opened the windows to the house.  This not only circulates fresh air but helps cool down the house.  However, at night, the windows stay open which means by the time I wake up the cool, crisp air that circulates the house makes me eager to lounge in sweaters and a blanket to keep me warm.  To me, this is a clear warning that fall is here and winter is on it’s way.  So what does that mean for the kitchen – salads and grilling are out and homemade breads, chili’s and comfort food – is in!

Comfort food usually equates to heavy, calorie dense, food.  Also during this time amount of exercise decreases.  I mean, let’s be serious, how difficult is it to workout when it starts getting dark when you leave work! This intern means more calories in and less calories out = those skinny jeans become tighter than they were this summer!

To keep you feeling thin and trim this fall and winter make some healthy adjustments to your comfort food.



Comfort Food Made Healthy 

  1. Chili
    • Try using ground turkey instead of ground beef for less fat
    • Pack the chili with vegetables such as bell peppers, carrots, tomatoes for extra fiber
  2. Baked Beans
    • Use liquid smoke flavoring and chipotles instead of bacon
    • Add agave for sweetness instead of brown sugar
  3. Mashed Potatoes
    • Utilize cauliflower as your “mashed potato” base for any dish by cooking the cauliflower down, adding milk, butter and herbs and mash away.  Great flavor and texture without the unnecessary calories.
  4. Spaghetti and Meatballs
    • Utilize Spaghetti Squash as your spaghetti.  Even more flavorful and packed full of fiber
    • Opt for ground turkey for the meatballs or meat sauce
  5. Green Bean Casserole
    • Use low-sodium cream of mushroom soup or make your own using greek yogurt and 1% milk
    • Make your own crunchy onion topping by using crushed up cereal
  6. Pancakes
    • Use Greek yogurt as part of the batter
    • Try Pumpkin pancakes as well for less calories and more fiber
    • Use whole wheat flour
    • Try frozen fruit and nuts as a topping instead of sugar filled syrup
  7. Chicken and Dumplings
    • Use lean chicken breast
    • Pack the dish with veggies including carrots, beans, peas, etc.
    • Make the dough with whole-wheat flower
    • Use low fat milk and geek yogurt for the cream filling instead of heavy cream
  8. Shepards Pie
    • Instead of using mashed potatoes try using sweet potatoes or cauliflower as a base
    • Make the filing full of vegetables like carrots, parsnips and herbs for flavor and fiber
    • Use reduced fat cheese


This fall and winter make comfort food that is comfortable to the waist line.  Same great flavor but with less calories.  Trust me, your skinny jeans will thank you later!