Scoot over new haircut, diet trends and home re-design (sorry Chip and Joanna Gains) but what is trending in 2017 is FOOD! Food feeds our hunger, our curiosity, our social life and our cultural so get your “OpenTable” app open, its fork and knife time!

2017 Food Trends per CNBC

  • Poke

Poke, pronounced “po-kay,” is usually tuna or octopus that is fresh, raw seafood that is cubed and mixed with soy sauce, green onions and sesame oil severed over rice. Among Poke, fresh, ethnic and sustainable seafood dishes are trending for 2017.


  • Pizza

Pizza, easily a personal favorite to many but also one that is spreading like “cheese” across the restaurant sector as it you can get pizza delivered, from fast food chains and even on high end menus. Per Scott Svenson, co-founder of MOD Pizza, Pizza is the second-largest restaurant category in the United States. The fun thing about Pizza is the pie is only as good as the customer since pizza is completely customizable. Try Blaze Pizza and MOD Pizza next time you are craving a “slice of heaven.”

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 8.04.17 PM

  • Chicken

We have all heard it or seen it on a billboards/commercials, Chick-Fil-A’s “Eat more Chicken” but what does that really mean? According to research from Technomic, the top 250 restaurant chains have added some 325 new chicken menu items over the last year. Part of chicken kick is due to consumers craving healthier, high protein options that are cost effective.


  • Value Meals

Even though “The Founder,” a movie about the beginning of the McDonald’s mecca, was recently released the Value Meal has been part of 2016 for a while. Advertisements such as “2 for $5” or “4 for $4” is all due to the saturation of fast food restaurants where price is the competitive edge. Even though the value meal trend will continue into 2017 don’t hold your breath thinking it will last much longer as prices will rise with fluctuations in food prices.


  • Organic

USDA certified organic foods means food is grown and processed according to federal guidelines of which the soil does not have prohibited synthetic fertilizers and pesticides substances applied to it for three year prior to harvest, no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors among more.

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  • Cold Brew Coffee

Not only are coffee shops in every neighborhood but now the trend is getting a cold brew year around.  Cold brew coffee is the process of steeping coffee grounds in room-temperature for 12 plus hours, to extract the flavor of the beans.  If waiting in line at the nearest coffee shop for a cold brew isn’t your style check out your local grocery store!


When it comes to food and beverages, be open to try new things and be creative.  Food can be made in so many different ways (ex: use that cold brew as a marinate for beef) and with so many flavors and textures my challenge to you during 2017 is to become a foodie!