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Walk into Health

I have had the great fortune to travel abroad twice within the last year.  In June 2015 I visited England with my family while this March I traveled to Portugal and Spain. Each trip was for a different purpose, England for vacation while Portugal and Spain was part of my Master of Business Association (MBA) education. One thing that I continued to notice was the similarities in the way people lived. While Americans unionize for money, Europeans unionize

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Combat Stress…today

Do you have your standard answers for when someone is making polite conversation and asks “how are you?” or “how are things going?”  My go-to answer is “good.”  However, over the last month I have felt overly stressed and exhausted but continue to answer the “how are you” question with my standard “good” answer.  Is this a detriment?  Am hurting myself by making it appear that I truly can hold everything on my shoulders?

Everyone deals with stress differently. 

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Social Media and Body Confidence

Happy 2016! 

A new year means many things to many people.  For several, it means new resolutions to be a better version of yourself.  Whether you are trying to be more positive, read more, volunteer more, spend more time with your family, or just trying to get back into shape, new years resolutions take time, planning and commitment.  Usually, I am not one that makes a new years resolution.  In part because I have not been able to

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Mental Madness

So far it has been one of those months where my schedule is complete madness.  I am not only working 40+ hours Monday-Friday but work weekends, attend professional MBA classes 7 hours a week, train for 1/2 and full marathons, and play intermural slow pitch softball on weekends.  I understand that I am the one who has made my schedule as hectic as it is but the stress of it all still gets to me.  Some of my tell tale signs of

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Positives about being Positive

It’s Monday morning.  You missed your 3 alarms going off and it’s now 7:35am.  You missed your morning workout and need to be in the office around 8am.  You take a quick shower, throw clothes on, pack breakfast, make a to-go cup of coffee and out the door you are at 7:57am.  If you have children, good luck at being out of the door by 8:15am. For those of you who are out the door by

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