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It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

Wine is one of those things that taste great with food, friends or even on its own.  A couple years ago I couldn’t tell the difference between a Shiraz versus a Super Tuscan. Now, with a finance who loves wine almost more than he loves me, I have learned to appreciate not only the flavors of wine but also the process of making wine.  So as my fiancé, James, and I make our way to Napa

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June is Mens Health Month

July is just around the corner but that does not mean we forget about all the men in our lives.  June is Mens Health Month, which seems fitting with Father Days. So what is the biggest gift we can provide to all the fathers and other men in our lives….it is the gift of health.

Here are some quick tips to make sure our men are living a healthy lifestyle that lasts a lifetime.



Start with folic acid.

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Fishy Fridays

For those who celebrate lent, the period preceding Easter that is devoted to fasting, it means giving something up and eating fish every Friday.   Every year my father gives up snacking in between meals while I always attempt at giving up sweets.  My sister, on the other hand, decided that this year she was going to not only give up sweets but attend church regularly.  Whatever you give up or don’t give up, that is if you do not participate

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Make your HEART healthy this Heart Month

What do you think of when you think of February?

Cold weather?      Valentines Day?     Heart Month?

For me, I think of all of the above.  In part, because we just witness one of the coldest weeks we have had this winter.  Even though I wanted to stay inside, as a pacer for a half marathon group we toughed it out and ran is 5 degree temperatures.  Sure, some of the runners found running in such temperatures difficult by

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