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In the Heat of it all!

If you have been watching the 2016 Olympics in Brazil you may have seen events such as: swimming, gymnastics, golf, diving, gymnastics, tennis, court and beach volleyball, and now track and field.  For some of these events, it has been all indoors. For others there have been the elements of the weather.  In fact, the temperature in Rio, Brazil has been ranging from 70-90’s degrees fahrenheit with around 70% humidity.

In those type of elements it can

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Tea Time, anyone?

With fall comes cooler temperatures, stuffy noises, scratchy throats and the flu vaccine. Even though I have already had my flu vaccine to protect me from this years strain of the flu, I still caught a cold.  My noise turned raw and red, I couldn’t stop sneezing and I couldn’t sleep due to the inability to breathe. Not only is a cold a stressor it also decreases overall productivity, something I couldn’t afford with a marathon right

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Miles for Marathon Training – Part II

It was Saturday morning and all I wanted to do was sleep in.  Without fail, however, my alarm wakes me up at 5:45am, 5:52am, and once again at 6am.  I go through the mental battle once again to do a long, 18 mile run.  Even thought I would love to sleep in, this time is different.  I am back in Chicago, where I once use to live, to run amongst other Chicago Marathon trainees.  As I start

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Nutrition Guide to Triathlons

You are only as good as the fuel you put in your body. Beyond training, proper nutrition is the key to obtain physical fitness goals. However, due to differences in body type, training activity, stage of training, and intensity of training there is no single nutrition plan for every triathlete.


Even though nutrition is very individualized there are some basic nutritional guidelines that can help any triathlete during training.

  • Calories
    • Don’t skimp on calories because you are trying to

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Sip for Success

Days are getting longer and warmer. That means more people are spending time outdoors. No matter your reasons for being outside, gardening,  golfing, watching t-ball, bike and road races, etc. the amount of water you need is increased.

At any point in the year water is your best friend. During the summer months water should always be within reach. When being outdoors for leisure activities drinking high sugar containing beverages should be avoided. These beverages not only increase your blood

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