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Cutting the Confusion of Food Labels

Have you ever gone into a grocery store with a list of new foods you want to try? It could be as simple as boneless, skinless, chicken breast or something as complicated (several ingredients) as a cereal.  Since options are things we, as consumers, desire it sometimes makes it much more difficult for us to make the right food decisions for our families.  For instance, when I go down the freezer aisle for boneless, skinless, chicken

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Best of the Barbecues

Memorial weekend tends to be the “Grand Opening” of summer.  Outdoor pools are open, camp grounds are full and barbecues are occurring on every block.  This Memorial weekend is no different.  Whether you are staying local or traveling a barbecue is sure to be on your weekend menu.

So how do you make a barbecue taste great without overloading your daily calorie requirements?  It’s all about presenting the right choices that won’t derail you.


  1. Appetizers
    1. Spring for hummus and

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Herbs a Plenty

One of my parents’ hobbies is gardening. For as long as I can remember my parents have not only planted flowers but fruit and vegetables of every variety.  At first, they started with a garden in our backyard. Next, was an additional garden on the family farm plots. Finally, there was the community garden behind the church.  With such a hobby I was fortunate to consuming home grown, local food every year.  Not only do I continue

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Hug a Tree on Earth Day

While I was in elementary school I remember going out into the community to plant trees during this time of year.  As a child this was a fun way to learn about science while also giving back to a community.  The additional benefit was not being in class and playing in the dirt 🙂  Even though the lesson during that time was to talk about Earth Day, which is Friday, April 22nd, it never really resonates as a child why planting

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Dietary Guidelines for Americans

In case you haven’t heard, the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans were released this January.  For those that do not understand what the Dietary Guidelines for Americans are or their implications, let me break it down. The Dietary Guidelines is the go-to source for nutritional recommendations.  These recommendations aim to promote health, prevent chronic disease and help people reach/maintain a healthy weight .  For this to occur, the Dietary Guidelines are reviewed and updated every 5 years.  A Dietary Guidelines committee

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Fishy Fridays

For those who celebrate lent, the period preceding Easter that is devoted to fasting, it means giving something up and eating fish every Friday.   Every year my father gives up snacking in between meals while I always attempt at giving up sweets.  My sister, on the other hand, decided that this year she was going to not only give up sweets but attend church regularly.  Whatever you give up or don’t give up, that is if you do not participate

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Make your HEART healthy this Heart Month

What do you think of when you think of February?

Cold weather?      Valentines Day?     Heart Month?

For me, I think of all of the above.  In part, because we just witness one of the coldest weeks we have had this winter.  Even though I wanted to stay inside, as a pacer for a half marathon group we toughed it out and ran is 5 degree temperatures.  Sure, some of the runners found running in such temperatures difficult by

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What you need to know about Lead

Just the other night I was meeting a group of fellow running coaches to discuss our 2016 half-marathon schedule.  During our initial “chit-chat” one of the running coaches brought up what he was currently doing at work, understanding and screening for lead poisoning.  Even though I know what lead poison is I didn’t know it was still a large issue.  Then, I started doing some research just to learn about lead poisoning problems in Michigan.

According to USA

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The “Spices” of the Holidays

The winter holiday season is one my favorite times of year for several reasons.

  1. Spending time with family and friends
  2. Holiday parties galore
  3. Smell of holiday baking
  4. The holiday music that fills every store, restaurant, car and building
  5. Shimmering house and tree lights
  6. Greetings cards a plenty

Fortunately for me, this past weekend I was able to enjoy all of my favorite things.


  1. I was close friends,
  2. At a holiday party,
  3. Where we ate delicious food,
  4. While listening to holiday music in the background,
  5. Followed by attending the

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Food Safety during the Holiday Season

The holidays are among us. For many of us that means family, friends and larger than life meals to help celebrate the occasion.  By preparing meals for such large groups of people food safety can sometimes become an after thought.


Here are some food safety tips to help you get through the holiday season.

Grocery Shopping:

While shopping for groceries takes planning it needs to be done safely to reduce the risk of food poisoning.