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Coming Back from a Sports Injury

Sports injuries are a very real and very serious impairment that can be disguised as something else.  A couple years ago I was training for a marathon (26.2 miles).  Even though I had trained for a marathon before, I had it in my head that I wanted to be the strongest runner I could be going into the marathon.  My personal training scheduled included 4 days of heavy lifting plus 4-5 days of running.  When you

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Miles for Marathon Training – Part I

It’s Wednesday morning and my alarm is buzzing me awake at 5:45 AM. I roll over, awakened from my slumber, and push snooze. Eight short minutes later the alarm buzzes me awake once again. With eyes slightly open I lay in bed having an internal battle on whether I should wake up to run 4, 6, 8 miles or go back to sleep. The decision that drives me to get out of bed for a morning run is the decision that has kept me

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Packing for Health

The countdown begins…T-5 days until I am on a week long vacation. Even though this vacation will not be one of those relaxing vacations where I am working on my tan while sitting on a beach I still can’t wait to be in England. Whenever you travel abroad the schedule seems to be like the Energizer Bunny…constantly on the go.  Every museum, church, university, river, mountain, and eatery needs to be seen. With that in mind, I am going

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The Power of a Pedal

Approximately three years ago one of my good friends convinced me that I needed a road bike.  I knew nothing about cycling as I have always been a runner.  However, I figured that since riding a bike was as easy as well “riding a bike”  I decided why not.  So here I was with a brand new road bike and no expectations.  Boy was I wrong.  Two weeks after getting use to my road bike this friend of mine decided

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Sip for Success

Days are getting longer and warmer. That means more people are spending time outdoors. No matter your reasons for being outside, gardening,  golfing, watching t-ball, bike and road races, etc. the amount of water you need is increased.

At any point in the year water is your best friend. During the summer months water should always be within reach. When being outdoors for leisure activities drinking high sugar containing beverages should be avoided. These beverages not only increase your blood

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