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It’s about your “Gut” feeling!

When working as a clinical dietitian one of the questions that you become comfortable asking patients are when their last bowel movement (BM) was.  Yes, it may be uncomfortable asking patients such personal questions but in reality, bowel movements can tell anyone in the medical world a lot about a persons health.

Having a healthy and active gut microflora is important for keeping individuals healthy. Your body consists of thousands of gut microflora of various microorganism (bacteria, yeast and fungi).  By having a healthy

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What’s to come in 2015…

Regardless of where you live, New York, Peru, London, China, etc. everyone seems to celebrates New Years.

For instance, does your New Year start off by a nice dinner with friends and family just to end in pajama’s and sleeping on the couch until 11:50pm?    Guilty

Or, do you impatiently wait for the clock to ring midnight just so you can shout “Happy New Year” while being surrounded by friends and family?   Guilty

Regardless of how you celebrate New Years most people do not enter New Years

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