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Miles for Marathon Training – Part I

It’s Wednesday morning and my alarm is buzzing me awake at 5:45 AM. I roll over, awakened from my slumber, and push snooze. Eight short minutes later the alarm buzzes me awake once again. With eyes slightly open I lay in bed having an internal battle on whether I should wake up to run 4, 6, 8 miles or go back to sleep. The decision that drives me to get out of bed for a morning run is the decision that has kept me

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Mental Madness

So far it has been one of those months where my schedule is complete madness.  I am not only working 40+ hours Monday-Friday but work weekends, attend professional MBA classes 7 hours a week, train for 1/2 and full marathons, and play intermural slow pitch softball on weekends.  I understand that I am the one who has made my schedule as hectic as it is but the stress of it all still gets to me.  Some of my tell tale signs of

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The Power of a Pedal

Approximately three years ago one of my good friends convinced me that I needed a road bike.  I knew nothing about cycling as I have always been a runner.  However, I figured that since riding a bike was as easy as well “riding a bike”  I decided why not.  So here I was with a brand new road bike and no expectations.  Boy was I wrong.  Two weeks after getting use to my road bike this friend of mine decided

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Bigger, Faster, Stonger

In the world of athletics, the goals of becoming bigger, stronger, faster, slimmer, or more energized never cease to occur. To obtain and retain these goals, commitment to a strict exercise and nutrition plan is required. However, after months of grueling training it’s easy to give up hope and reach for a magic pill. Buyer beware, dietary supplements that make such claims to help athletes reach their peak performance do not have to show effectiveness or

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What’s to come in 2015…

Regardless of where you live, New York, Peru, London, China, etc. everyone seems to celebrates New Years.

For instance, does your New Year start off by a nice dinner with friends and family just to end in pajama’s and sleeping on the couch until 11:50pm?    Guilty

Or, do you impatiently wait for the clock to ring midnight just so you can shout “Happy New Year” while being surrounded by friends and family?   Guilty

Regardless of how you celebrate New Years most people do not enter New Years

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Sizing up the Sodium

High salt (sodium) diets have been linked to a number of health risks, such as hypertension. However, individuals who are avid exercisers that not only exercise at a high intensity but also in the heat may actually need salt in their diet.  Heavy sweating during exercise combined with heat exposure commonly produces fluid deficits corresponding to 1-8% loss in body mass.


Two things can happen to athletes under such conditions of high heat and heavy sweating.
1) Hyponatremia (decreased

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