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Combat Stress…today

Do you have your standard answers for when someone is making polite conversation and asks “how are you?” or “how are things going?”  My go-to answer is “good.”  However, over the last month I have felt overly stressed and exhausted but continue to answer the “how are you” question with my standard “good” answer.  Is this a detriment?  Am hurting myself by making it appear that I truly can hold everything on my shoulders?

Everyone deals with stress differently. 

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Positives about being Positive

It’s Monday morning.  You missed your 3 alarms going off and it’s now 7:35am.  You missed your morning workout and need to be in the office around 8am.  You take a quick shower, throw clothes on, pack breakfast, make a to-go cup of coffee and out the door you are at 7:57am.  If you have children, good luck at being out of the door by 8:15am. For those of you who are out the door by

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