Best Tech Tools For Nutritionists

Ubiquitous technology has made it easier to track and manage our health than ever. A bevy of apps for all platforms promise to help the health conscious with meal planning, finding healthy restaurants, tracking calories consumed and burned, and setting reminders for exercise, sleep, and meals to maximize health and well-being. There are also easily accessible videos demonstrating how to make healthy meals, proper preparation techniques for fruits and veggies, and how to make your own superfood smoothies. No single one of these apps offers a complete path to great health, but the combination of professional advice, freely available content, apps for personal tracking, and forums for social support and info exchange make the internet a great tool for anyone trying to improve their nutrition and health habits.

Some of these sites offer one off recipes and videos, others are subscription-based services, and there’s something here to fit every health conscious individual’s style. This isn’t a ranking, but an index of great sites, categorized for ease of use and highly recommended for anyone whose health matters to them.

General Nutrition Tools & Data

Some nutrition-conscious people like to trace their food all the way to the source, and get the most organic options at their local farmers market. Some just want to read articles about the latest superfood craze. All this information and more, from location based health-food trackers to farmer’s market phonebooks, are available online.

  1. National Association of Nutrition Professionals: Find A Nutrition Professional

    The National Association of Nutrition Professionals has a great tool for finding a nutrition professional near you and improving your lifestyle one day at a time. It’s great because you can search by zip code, last name, business, and even health concerns.
    Healthy Hint: Join

  2. American Holistic Health Association Videos

    The American Holistic Health Association Video section is dense with all different meals, how to prepare particularly difficult produce, as well as shortcuts for eating healthy.
    Healthy Hint: AHHA Blog

  3. Robb Wolf Podcasts

    Robb Wolf runs a great blog on the Paleo Diet, it’s benefits, and how to successfully live in a manner that allows individuals to be in tune with themselves. He has great weekly podcasts, so you can always be sure to find new material that is worthwhile.
    Healthy Hint: What Is The Paleo Diet?

  4. Nancy Guberti, M.S., C.N. Holistic Nutrition Radio Shows

    Nancy Guberti is a Holistic Nutritionist who runs a blog and Blog Radio Talk show that promotes healthier lifestyles and interesting approaches to biomedical and nutritional healing.
    Healthy Hint: Functional Medicine Testing

  5. Functional Nutrition 101

    Functional Nutrition 101 breaks down all the most integral information when it comes to knowing how to properly maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle no matter what part of your day. The steps and coaching from Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama are incredibly worthwhile.
    Healthy Hint: What is HNL?

  6. Healthytarian

    Healthtarian provides forward-thinking recipes that emphasize many different ingredients to create fascinating new recipes and live a healthier, more delicious lifestyle.
    Healthy Hint: Strawberry-Apple-Almond Ice Cream

  7. 30 Days of Real Food

    30 Days of Real Food is an initiative from The Fit Ink that aims to help people get back on track with their health by spending 30 days not eating junk and fast food and empowering people to eat foods that are not processed and overly bad for them.
    Healthy Hint: 30 Days of Real Food Original Article

  8. Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives

    Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives is a fascinating documentary that chronicles the risks that the multinational seed company Monsanto imposes on people across the world. It’s an incredibly enlightening documentary and shouldn’t be missed.
    Healthy Hint: Institute for Responsible Technology

  9. Holistic Nourishment

    Are you interested in improving your health naturally? Want to learn more about what an organic, whole foods diet and toxin-free lifestyle can do for you and your family? Holistic Nutritionist Katherine Leonard will work with you to support and guide you in your transition to a nourishing lifestyle.
    Healthy Hint: Services Offered

  10. Innovative Healing Podcasts

    Innovative Healing Podcasts is a monthly series with valuable health information from professionals. Dr. Liz Lipski goes in depth on a different topic each month and features different guests in a podcast that will surely become a regular once you hear it.
    Healthy Hint: The Basics of Genetically Engineered Foods, Side Effects of Eating Them, and How to Avoid Them

  11. Liv Healthy Podcasts

    Liv Healthy Podcasts is a directory of assorted content that focuses on eating better, holistic living, among other things like fitness and green living.
    Healthy Hint: Blog

  12. Primal Diet – Modern Health Paleo Podcast

    The Paleo Diet has been increasing in popularity in recent years and Primal Diet – Modern Health Paleo Podcast is a source for discussing the different implications it has on lifestyles, along with how to still work to improve yourself.
    Healthy Hint: Natural Health Counseling

  13. Dr Udo’s Essential Fats

    When it comes to bettering your health, an integral part is knowing how to benefit your body the most. Dr. Udo’s Essential Fats page outlines how to approach living a healthier lifestyle and has a great video series.
    Healthy Hint: New

  14. We Can! – NIH Nutrition Tools and Resources

    We Can! From the National Institute of Health is an initiative to promote better nutrition tools and resources for children. We Can is actually an acronym for Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity & Nutrition.
    Healthy Hint: Families Finding the Balance: A Parent Handbook

  15. The Food Tree

    The Food Tree is a guide to food servings and is a redone version of the incredibly outdated “Food Pyramid that has floated around for years. This serving guide is much more in line with what is actually much more recommended for daily consumption.
    Healthy Hint: The Roots: Proteins

  16. Chris Kresser Podcasts

    Chris Kressler is an acupuncturist and a practitioner of integrative medicine in the San Francisco Bay Area and discusses exciting lifestyle developments, such as the Paleo Diet and how other nutritional lifestyles can reduce heart disease, diabetes, and more.
    Healthy Hint: Depression

  17. CDC Nutrition Resources for Health Professionals

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has compiled an impressive array of tools for addressing nutrition topics that help reinforce the best ways to live health, productive lifestyles.
    Healthy Hint: Growth Chart Training

  18. Forks Over Knives

    Forks Over Knives is a well-known documentary endorsed by the likes of Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Roger Ebert, and Dr. Oz. The site functions as an extension of the film by adequately supplying great resources and information to engage in a healthier lifestyle.
    Healthy Hint: Recipes

  19. Tom Corson-Knowles Nutrition Podcasts

    Tom Corson-Knowles runs a Nutrition Podcast series that is sure to help anyone looking for valuable information on living a healthier lifestyle and his blog also has great information on how to prevent aging, different recipes, along with how to naturally lose weight.
    Healthy Hint: Healthy Recipes

  20. Take Part – Food Inc.

    Food Inc. was an incredibly documentary that came out within the past few years and helps extend the lasting impressions from the movie by working to get others active in the community and instill change concerning food.
    Healthy Hint: Take Action

  21. – Health & Nutrition Videos

    NutritionFactsorgHealthNutritionVideos has a great health and nutrition section that features over 1500 videos on every sort of topic imaginable. The site also has a great Q&A section with Dr. Michael Greger who helps run the page.
    Healthy Hint: Q&A

  22. Balanced Bites Podcast

    Balanced Cites Podcast is a weekly series that goes over smart, forward-thinking methods to changing an eating lifestyle or reducing different symptoms of a disease.
    Healthy Hint: Practical Paleo

  23. Food Matters

    Food Matters is a film that highlights the necessity to improve lives through more conscientious food choices and educating ourselves on what we’re consuming. The site has great supplementary information that goes into more detail that the movie was not able to provide.
    Healthy Hint: Super foods

  24. Nourish Interactive

    Nourish Interactive is a health guide designed for parents to help ease the burden of managing a million things in their lives and also providing their children delicious and healthy meal options. This takes some of the stress away and truly complements 21st century parents.
    Healthy Hint: Meal Planner

  25. Veria Living

    Veria Living presents recipes in an innovative way, all with videos presenting useful information while cooking the dishes. The site’s impressive amount of content shines through specific areas on yoga, herbs, pregnancy advice, and many other areas.
    Healthy Hint: Eating Healthy

  26. Alliance for Natural Health

    Alliance for Natural Health has great educational resources for putting people back in tune with living a healthy lifestyle and making informed lifestyle decisions. Since they’re committed to sustainable health, they use various campaigns to spread the most pertinent information concerning living healthily.
    Healthy Hint: Overview


    Alivecom is a well-known source for natural health and wellness. They have an extensive section of videos and a useful community area for shooting ideas off of others involved in living better lives through food.
    Healthy Hint: Lifestyle

  28. A Delicate Balance

    A Delicate Balance is a documentary that explores the adverse affects that animal protein has on the human body, as well as the environment, and the best way to approach disease and health overall.
    Healthy Hint: Reference

  29. The Whole Journey Videos

    The Whole Journey is a fascinating site that aims to help reduce symptoms of diseases through a more natural approach, rather than through medications and other cumbersome treatments.
    Healthy Hint: Success Stories

  30. Holistic Junkie

    If you’re looking for an engaging and colorful guide to holistic nutrition, look no further than Holistic Junkie. Its author takes an incredible amount of time and effort to perfect the content with great recipes and advice on how to live a more well-rounded life.
    Healthy Hint: Black Bean & Quinoa Burger Recipe

  31. Whole Lifestyle Nutrition Recipes

    Whole Lifestyle Nutrition Recipes has some of the best recipes that make it much easier to adapt a healthier lifestyle that focuses on eating real food and taking care of one’s self through what is eaten.
    Healthy Hint: Recipes

  32. Integrative Nutrition: Feed Your Hunger for Health & Happiness

    Integrative Nutrition: Feed Your Hunger for Health & Happiness is an excellent choice for reading up on the best methods for improving the way you eat and also delicious recipes that are also healthy.
    Healthy Hint: Health Coaching

  33. Free Holistic Nutrition eBooks

    Free Holistic Nutrition eBooks is a database of different holistic nutrition resources, all in PDF form, making them much more accessible to the average user today. It’s a great place to go if you’re looking for good eBooks to get further involved in integrative medicine or holistic nutrition.
    Healthy Hint: Holistic Nutrition – A Clinical Approach

  34. Natural News – Holistic Nutrition Videos

    Natural News is an incredibly important source for finding a bank of incredibly useful Holistic Nutrition Videos. They also allow holistic nutritionists and others to upload videos on to the site.
    Healthy Hint: Browse

  35. International & American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists

    The International & American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists is a professional organization that promotes the agenda of clinical nutritionists across the United States and beyond.
    Healthy Hint: Nutrition News Library

  36. Nutrition Analysis Tool 2.0

    Nutrition Analysis Tool 2.0 is an introspective tool that gets fairly specific into the details of how food impacts different individuals and how to improve eating habits.
    Healthy Hint: My Nat

  37. University of Virginia Health System Clinical Nutrition Tools

    University of Virginia Health System Clinical Nutrition Tools helps equip students and non-students alike with the tools to appropriately live healthily and engage in more sustainable living practices.
    Healthy Hint: Cancer Nutrition

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    Recipes & Meal Planning

    Deciding what to eat and sticking to a plan is both empowering and healthy when it is done right. There are many blogs and sites offering advice on what to buy at the grocery store, and how to prepare it for the best health results.

  39. Evolution Nutrition

    Evolution Nutrition is an online meal planning app, recommended by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. The app has online and mobile components featuring over 40 whole food meal plans
    Healthy Hint: How To Be The Professional Nutrition Expert Your Clients Want

  40. Joyous Recipes

    Holistic Nutritionist Joy McCarthy runs Joyous Health, a blog dedicated to emphasizing how permanent lifestyle changes are much more beneficial than dieting. The site goes into specifics on nutrition coaching, wellness, and other useful info.
    Healthy Hint: Eat Well Feel Well

  41. Healthy Jewish Cooking

    Is healthy, Jewish food an oxymoron? Absolutely not – It’s an imperative. Learn how to eat right, feel great, and connect with Judaism’s spiritual wisdom. My name’s Chaya Rivka and I am a writer, editor and speaker. I want to share with you recipes and nutritional information that can help you eat better and feel better.
    Healthy & Delicious: Recipes

  42. Nourish Interactive Meal Planning Tool

    Nourish Interactive Meal Planner helps parents maintain healthy meal plans for their children and others through a colorful guide that also has free printable materials, along with daily health tips.
    Healthy Hint: Free Printables

  43. Food on the Table

    Food on the Table is a program that helps create individualized meal plans based on preferences, and even updates on grocery lists and prices for the store you shop at.
    Healthy Hint: Sample Meal Plans

  44. KOL Foods

    KOL Foods
    KOL Foods puts kosher meat and ethics on the same plate so you can feel good about the meat you eat. Every day we work to create an honest, transparent food system that treats animals humanely, supports sustainable animal production, treats farmers and workers fairly, and improves the health of families and communities.
    Healthy Hint: Health Benefits

  45. Biophilia’s Love Your Whole Life Recipes

    Kate Coleman, the mastermind behind Biophilia’s Love Your Whole Life Recipes, publishes a fantastic source of delicious, as well as socially and nutritionally conscious, foods. The blog is updated so regularly that you never have to worry about running out of recipes.
    Healthy Hint: Home Sweet Home

  46. Tri-Holistic Nutrition Recipes

    Tri Holistic Nutrition is a go-to source for those looking to change their lifestyle and eat healthier options. They also provide a variety of services and even information on supplements.
    Healthy Hint: For General Health and Weight Management

  47. Natural Ways Recipes

    Natural Ways Recipes is an intuitive guide for locating the best meals centered around healthy and nutritious foods. They also have different diets to cater to specific issues, such as one who is trying to cleanse their colon or has particular allergies.
    Healthy Hint: The Living Foods Recipes

  48. Eat This Much

    Eat This Much is a great site for planning meals with the click of a button. By simply typing in how many calories you wish to eat in a day the site makes 3 meals for you instantly.
    Healthy Hint: How-To Guide

  49. MealBoard

    MealBoard is an app for the iPhone that helps plan meals, store recipes, create weekly plans, generate grocery lists, and even keep an inventory on your phone of what’s in your pantry.
    Healthy Hint: Tutorial

  50. Menu Planner

    Meal Planner has an incredible variety of features that make it invaluable, namely meal plans, shopping lists, and even recipes. They have an intuitive community forum as well.
    Healthy Hint: Meal Planner Community

  51. Eating Well Recipes and Menus

    Eating Well’s section on Recipes and Menus emphasizes innovative ways to improve eating habits that not only taste better, but also help sustain living.
    Healthy Hint: Healthy Cooking

  52. merckEngage Meal Planner

    MerckEngage Meal is a meal planner that helps individuals count calories and also properly adjust for working out and how many calories are burned in a workout session. It’s great for monitoring eating habits over time and better staying in touch with portions.
    Healthy Hint: Healthy Conversations

  53. eMeals

    eMeals truly is a 21st century way of preparing meals for your family. After picking the meal plan of your choice and a few other aspects, recipes are sent, along with a grocery list. It makes the hassle of organizing meals much more comprehensive.
    Healthy Hint: See Meal Plans

  54. Free “Real Food” Meal Plans

    Free “Real Food” Meal Plans is part of 100 Days of Real Food, a woman’s plan to have her family try living without processed foods for 100 days to see the lasting effects it may have on their lives. The meal plans are great ways to get the whole family started on a healthier lifestyle.
    Healthy Hint: Take 10-Day Pledge

  55. Holistic Squid Recipes

    Holistic Squid is a slightly different take on holistic health and provides great methods for improving fertility, one’s own health naturally, and more. The colorful site even has meal plans and a great bank of resources.
    Healthy Hint: How to Increase Your Fertility

  56. Plan to Eat

    Plan to Eat is a site that restructures how families view planning meals and better be situated to feed their families. The 21st century is a particularly difficult time to consistently provide new meal ideas to families and ensure happiness and order in the home.
    Healthy Hint: Recipe Book

  57. Be Well Associates

    Be Well Associates is based in State College, Pennsylvania and is run by Certified Nutritionist Monica Montag. She focuses on administering the best in holistic nutrition counseling to alleviate a variety of ailments, many times associated with eating processed foods.
    Healthy Hint: Holistic Nutrition

  58. Tesco Food Diary

    Based in the United Kingdom, Tesco Food Diary allows individuals to count calories and keep track of what they’ve eaten each day and how to improve eating habits in simple manners.
    Healthy Hint: Favourties

  59. Holistic Family Nutrition Recipes

    If you’re working to improve your lifestyle, many times it is easy to be dissuaded from a lack of good recipes. Thankfully, Holistic Family Nutrition is a website loaded with good recipes, as well as increased specificity in terms of categories to pick from.
    Healthy Hint: Nutritional Services

  60. Freo Holistic Nutrition Recipes

    Freo Holistic Nutrition helps empower individuals to lead lives that are healthy through natural foods that aren’t processed. The dishes showcased on the site look delicious and have incredibly helpful instructions on how to make them.
    Healthy Hint: Southern Indian Dahl

  61. Holistic Food Pyramid

    Holistic Food Pyramid is a well-rounded guide to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and understanding how to live in a much more conscientious manner. They detail very tactfully how it works and why it’s effective.
    Healthy Hint: Food Groups and Drinks

  62. Creating a Healthy Eating Plan

    Creating a Healthy Eating Plan from the University of California, Riverside is a thorough guide to understand ways to improve eating habits, lose weight and get in better shape, and much more.
    Healthy Hint: Seven Dimensions of Wellness

  63. Vitabot

    There are many different meal-planning tools on the Internet today, but Vitabot stands above many of them through their impressive array of logistics that help individuals monitor various deficiencies and more.
    Healthy Hint: Summary

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    Health Apps

    Mobile apps have taken the health world by storm, making up to the minute meal tracking and finding healthy, vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free restaurants on the go easier than ever. Health apps have the ability not only to change how we consume, but how we think about food on the global scale.

  65. Super Tracker

    SuperTracker is an intuitive tool for inputting calories for different meals, as well as physical activity. It’s impressive depth is evident in the “Daily Food Group Targets” area, which allows targets to be set for common areas such as grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy, and even protein.
    Healthy Hint: Physical Activity Tracker

  66. HappyCow on the Go

    HappyCow on the Go is a mobile version of the popular website that features a restaurant guide, vegetarian topics, recipes, an in-depth blog, and more.
    Healthy Hint: Healthy Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes

  67. MyNetDiary Mobile Apps

    MyNetDiary is the perfect tech tool for managing diets and weight loss from mobile devices with information that easily translates to computers. They have Food Search options that are very comprehensive as well.
    Healthy Hint: Food Search

  68. NRDC Eat Local

    NRDC Smarter Living has an “Eat Local” page that informs consumers about what seasonal produce is available locally and what should be consumed. The site also has directions to nearby farmers markets that are accessible by car, bike, walking, and public transit.
    Healthy Hint: Learn Your Labels

  69. Locavore

    Locavore is a convenient way to quickly locate local, in-season food from farmers’ markets and farms within the area. Additionally, the app is available for iPhone and Android.
    Healthy Hint: Farm and In Season Search

  70. Buycott

    Buycott is almost a necessity today due to the different legislation various companies get behind and their political leanings. The app allows for consumers to be more informed on what they’re consuming and make sure they’re not unwittingly supporting causes they don’t agree with.
    Healthy Hint: Campaigns

  71. HealthyOut

    HealthyOut is a meal delivery service that focuses on providing healthy options for meals that can be delivered to your home or workplaces. It’s a great option for those trying to curb eating out or rid their lives of unhealthy eating habits.
    Healthy Hint: How It Works

  72. Vegetarian Calculator

    Vegetarian Calculator helps paint a picture of the sort of impact one contributes to through a vegetarian lifestyle. They show how being a vegetarian reduces the use of water, food, oil, and many other aspects due to lifestyle choices.
    Healthy Hint: Monthly Calculator

  73. Fig

    Fig is a personal wellness guide that puts users back in tune with themselves by promoting healthier and more productive lifestyles.
    Healthy Hint: FAQ

  74. Cron-O-Meter

    Cron-O-Meter is a web app that helps others track their health data, nutrition, weight, and more through useful resources and insightful commentary.
    Healthy Hint: Bananas Raw

  75. IAteGreat!

    IAteGreat is dense with weight-loss, diabetes, fitness, and meal planning advice. It’s dense with tools focused on getting in shape, watching weight, and much more.
    Healthy Hint: Gr8Weight

  76. Is That Gluten Free? for Groceries

    Is That Gluten Free? For Groceries is an app that allows gluten-conscious consumers to quickly identify items to avoid. They also have a great section on eating out and locating gluten free items.
    Healthy Hint: Is That Gluten Free? Eating Out

  77. Superfoods app for iOS

    Superfoods Apps for iOS is an app for the iPhone that allows people to understand all the different superfoods that contain essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to sustain their lives.
    Healthy Hint: Silentflute

  78. Foodle

    Foodle from Pomegranate Apps is a great tool with nutrition facts on over 8,000 foods, all with the information on vitamin and mineral content. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, mac, and even Android.
    Healthy Hint: Search from Your Computer

  79. Dminder

    Dminder is an app for the iPhone that allows users to track how much vitamin D they’re getting, while also making sure they don’t get a sunburn. Since vitamin D is crucial to a healthy and happy lifestyle, it’s important to use an app like this.
    Healthy Hint: The App

  80. Label Lookup

    NRDC’s Label Lookup tool offers detailed information and ratings about the data presented on consumer product labels, including food. If you’re skeptical about health claims being made on a food product label, this tool can help you figure out the real deal.
    Healthy Hint: Label Lookup Mobile

  81. Fooducate

    Fooducate compiles objective food recommendations and allows people to have a better understanding of what they’re consuming and where it comes from.
    Healthy Hint: Nutrition 101

  82. Green Smoothie App

    The Green Smoothie iPhone App is a great tool for quickly compiling ingredients for delicious smoothies that are also nutritious. The site also has a huge list of recipes to pick from as well.
    Healthy Hint: Recipes

  83. CHJ Holistic Health APP

    CHJ Holistic Health App is a quick reference guide to vitamins, nutrients, and super foods, all of which contribute to a healthier lifestyle.
    Healthy Hint: Nutritional Consultation

  84. GoMeals® Mobile Apps

    GoMeals Mobile Apps is a colorful lifestyle tool that doesn’t focus merely on eating, it promotes physical activity, since the two do work hand-in-hand. It helps monitor glucose levels and even finds good restaurants to eat at.
    Healthy Hint: Resources

  85. What Additives App

    AndroidPIT details an app that lets users know what’s in their food in a program called “What Additives.” Some additives are incredibly dangerous to be ingested and should be avoided at all costs, so this app is an essential part of living a healthier life.
    Healthy Hint: What Additives

  86. Self Nutrition Data

    Self Nutrition Data empowers each individual to be the change they need in their lives through the latest information diabetes, heart health, cooking your own meals, and much more. They have multiple fascinating blogs that shouldn’t be missed as well.
    Healthy Hint: Nutrition Data Blog

  87. Triumph Dining Gluten-Free Apps

    Triumph Dining’s collection of gluten-free apps is a really popular page that outlines all the best places to go for those who actively engage in avoiding items that contain.
    Healthy Hint: Gluten-Free eBooks

  88. myWholeLife Quick Tips App

    MyWholeLife is an app that provides nutritional advice daily, sleep habit guidance, in addition to a bank of previous tips to continuously work on improving a lifestyle.
    Healthy Hint: myHealth

  89. My Food Diary

    The iPhone App Food Diary makes it much easier to track foods eaten and calories to paint a much more realistic picture of eating habits and how to improve diets and get back in shape.
    Healthy Hint: Exercise

  90. The Grubbery Apps

    The Grubbery Apps is part of The Grubbery, a blog that shows different ways to focus on seeds and living a meaningful life based off the vegetables typically found in one’s garden. They also have designed a few apps that supplement the blog, such as Smoothie Rx and Flat Out Fitness.
    Healthy Hint: Roughage The Dinosaurs and the Kings Rebellion

  91. Non-GMO Shopping Guide

    Non-GMO Shopping Guide has been developed for the iPhone, which enables individuals to quickly and effectively locate items that have not been grown with genetically modified crops.
    Healthy Hint: Participating Retailers

  92. Good Food Near You

    Good Food Near You is a farmers’ market directory that is also available as an app for mobile devices. It gives people the power to locate the best places to eat local produce and meat, all while contributing to the strengthening of their community.
    Healthy Hint: Get Listed

  93. Cook It Allergy Free App

    Cook It Allergy Free App has long stood as one of the best cooking apps due to its ability to cater around different allergies and engage work to make individuals healthier. It also saves recipes to the grocery list so you always know what you need when you go to the store.
    Healthy Hint: Recipes

  94. Harvest

    Harvest give advice on how to keep different produce and which items stay the longest. If you’re just getting started with integrative medicine or holistic nutrition, it’s a great way to also get a better idea of the amount of time you have with produce before it goes bad.
    Healthy Hint: The Environmental Working Group

  95. MealLogger

    MealLogger provides a photographic way to remember what you ate, how much, and track calories. You can sync with Facebook to show friends meals or accomplishments and it’s even available for iPhone and Android.
    Healthy Hint: How It Works

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    Forums & Directories

    Social support is one of the biggest contributors to a successful transition to a more nutritious lifestyle. Talking to others about health food, nutrition facts, and meal plans can reinforce healthy habits and make practicing them fun and easy.

  97. Local Harvest

    As a guide for finding farmers’ markets, Local Harvest stands in a class on its own. The filter also allows for increased specificity, even down to restaurants, local groceries and co-ops, wholesale foods, and even organic farms.
    Healthy Hint: Organic Farms

  98. Health Coach Directory

    The Institute for Integrative Nutrition has a fascinating Health Coach Directory that helps individuals find the health coach that fits their needs the best and even allows for searching by interest areas.
    Healthy Hint: What is a Health Coach

  99. Dietician Central Nutrition Message Boards

    Dietician Central Nutrition Message is a forum that highlights different aspects of what it’s like to be a dietician and to allow for discussions to be engaged, no matter the issue.
    Healthy Hint: General Topics

  100. Optimal Health Network

    Optimal Health was created and is continually cultivated by Kristina Amelong, an I-ACT certified colon hydrotherapist, metabolic typing advisor, certified nutritionist, and survivor of a chronic illness. On this alternative health website you can purchase a broad array of high-quality colon-cleansing, nutritional, and educational alternative health products.
    Healthy Hint: Services Offered

  101. Eatwild’s Directory of Farms

    Eatwild’s Directory of Farms is a state-by-state guide that identifies all the farms that produce many different foods and guarantee they are free of antibiotics and added hormones. They have a great guide for Canada as well.
    Healthy Hint: Grass-Fed Basics

  102. The Old Farmer’s Market Farmers’ Market Directory

    The Old Farmer’s Almanac has long stood as a guide for people to predict the weather, crop yields and more. Their Farmers’ Market Directory is an impressive tool for looking at all the different farmers markets across the country.
    Healthy Hint: Gardening

  103. Kansas Farmers Markets

    Kansas Farmers Markets is a website that helps residents of Kansas, and surrounding areas, attain locally grown and cultivated food. Additionally, the site has great information on local news and even seasonal recipes.
    Healthy Hint: Read the News

  104. Farmers Market

    Farmers Market is a go-to site for finding the closes farmers’ markets and is one of the most comprehensive when it comes to increased specificity, all while maintaining an incredible ease-of-use.
    Healthy Hint: Local

  105. Nutritionists & Healthy Eating Guides

    NutritionistsHealthyEatingGuides offers a great list of holistic nutrition professionals, health guides, health related events, and other current goings-on in the world of holistic health and nutrition.
    Healthy Hint: About

  106. National Farmers Market Directory

    The National Farmers Market Directory helps families and local business across the country connect through their insightful tools for locating markets close to their homes.
    Healthy Hint: Browse


    Organicorg is an educational site that details what organic food is and the benefits associated with it. The site also has great product reviews and a store finder for locating the best organic food.
    Healthy Hint: Education

  108. Holistic Local Discussion Forums

    Holistic Local Discussion Forums make the consumer more informed by allowing them to actively engage in discussions about the latest happenings in their communities and different developments on issues. It’s a great place to go if you have questions or are looking to provide useful insight.
    Healthy Hint: What IS Actually Good For You?!

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