Top Holistic Nutrition Resources Online

Top Holistic Nutrition Resources Online

Everyone’s seen the ads for the latest diet fad or juice cleanse that is supposed to make your skin glow, your waistline shrink, and your life long and fulfilling, but it takes more than just a momentary dedication to wheatgrass shots to achieve true health and balance. Proponents of holistic nutrition use all kinds of scientifically confirmed information about the nutrient content of various foods, along with the nutrition needs of individuals, to recommend dietary habits that promote health and wellness in all aspects of life.

These sites share the basic tenets of holistic nutrition as well as specific meal plans, nutrition facts, and other information for those studying holistic nutrition, or anyone interested in learning more about it.

Holistic Nutrition

These sites offer a broad overview, historical information, and all types of facts about how holistic nutrition can improve anyone’s health and lifestyle.

  1. American Nutrition Association

    American Nutrition Association
    The American Nutrition Association has been around since 1972 with a focus on advocating health advancement. The site provides resources for finding a school to attend, secure a job, along with upcoming events, and a newsletter.
    Potent Post: Forums

  2. Nutrition Facts

    Nutrition Facts org
    Nutrition Facts offers much deeper information than the nutrition labels on packaged foods. Dr. Michel Greger writes regular articles about the many ingredients in foods and products we regularly consume, and how they really affect our bodies and health.
    Potent Post: Bugs and Drugs in Pork: Yersinia and Ractopamine

  3. U.S. Food and Drug Administration

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates food ingredients and dietary supplements that are used in manufacturing products that Americans consume. While the FDA doesn’t focus on holistic nutrition per se, their website has a phenomenal stockpile of info regarding the nutrition and chemical content of all types of consumer products.
    Potent Post: Dietary Supplements

  4. Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals

    Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition CAHN
    The Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition is where individuals must go in order to become board certified in Practical Holistic Nutrition.
    Potent Post: Feast of Flavour

  5. The Whole Journey

    The Whole Journey
    The Whole Journey features the full gamut of news, recipes, videos, blog posts, and product reviews about holistic health and nutrition. Whether you’re looking for a quick, healthy lunch idea or a whole new lifestyle you can find the resources here.
    Potent Post: A New Approach to Cholesterol, A Very Healthy Molecule

  6. Have a Namaste

    Have a Namaste
    Have a Namaste goes further than just promoting healthy eating and holistic nutrition. The site has regular posts on progress and purpose in daily life, including commentary on how to live authentically and maintain your personal life and mind through reflection as well as maintaining your body through nutrition.
    Potent Post: “Nutritionism” and the Calorie Deception

  7. Wellspring Holistic Center

    Wellspring Holistic Center
    Wellspring Holistic Center gives nutritional counseling services that allow individuals to confront problematic eating habits and improve the overall stability of the mind and body.
    Potent Post: Classes

  8. Holistic Learning Center

    Holistic Learning Center
    Holistic Learning Center provides Nutrition Consultation along with Lifestyle Coaching Services to work with parents whose children have ADD, ADHD, LD, and PDD. They work with children to minimize symptoms through holistic health services.
    Potent Post: Nancy Guberti, M.S., C.N.

  9. Well of Life Center

    Well of Life Center for Natural health
    Well of Life Center for Natural Health provides numerous services, like nutritional testing, holistic and natural remedies, as well as whole food and herbal supplements.
    Potent Post: Calendar

  10. Holistic Wellness Basics

    Holistic Wellness Basics
    Holistic Wellness Basics is a guide for living a healthy life through natural foods and holistic methods. The site provides tips on nutrition, exercise, detoxing, parasites, and kidney cleanses, among others.
    Potent Post: Kidney Cleanse

  11. Healthful Elements Blog

    Healthful Elements
    Healthful Elements is a blog that focuses on living the best lifestyle possible through holistic nutrition methods and guides on eating better. The site also gives coaching and a large selection of resources for use.
    Potent Post: The Program

  12. The Nutrition Advisor, LLC / Michigan

    Nutrition Advisor LLC
    The Nutrition Advisor is run by Linda Wolschlager and she blogs about different nutritional elements, with posts analyzing individual health conditions.
    Potent Post: Teleseminars

  13. Underground Wellness Blog

    Underground Wellness Com
    The Underground Wellness Blog looks at facts that are not as well known about nutrition and the best ways to combat them. In addition to the blog, there is a large video series and podcasts as well.
    Potent Post: Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Gluten Sensitivity

  14. Jungle Girl Health Blog

    Jungle Girl Health Blog
    Jungle Girl Health has advice on nutrition programs, sports nutrition, a thorough blog, along with testimonials from those who Jungle Girl has worked with.
    Potent Post: Healthy Inspiration

  15. National Integrated Health Associates Integrative Health Blog

    national integrated health associaties
    The National Integrated Health Associates Integrative Health Blog looks at different topics within holistic nutrition over each entry, tackling issues like estrogen dominance, garlic’s power, and ways to stop sugar cravings.
    Potent Post: I Hit The Holistic Nutrition Jackpot

  16. The Whole Good Life

    The Whole Good Life
    The Whole Good Life gives advices on holistic nutrition and welness coaching through a really great blog, recipes, useful books, and even services they provide.
    Potent Post: Must Have Books

  17. Life After Grains

    Life After Grains
    Life After Grains is run by a holistic nutrion student and it tackles different recipes, retreats, travel advice, and how to eat the best.
    Potent Post: Love & Travel

  18. Holistic Nutrition Girl Blog

    Holistic Nutrition Girl Blog
    The Holistic Nutrition Girl is a site with plenty of advice for bettering a lifestyle through nutritional advice and advocating for healthier eating. There are recipes, free downloads with advice, and information on a weight loss program.
    Potent Post: Nutritionist Vs Dietician

  19. Holistic Nutrition with Taunya Bruton Blog

    Holistic Nutrition with Taunya Bruton
    Holistic Nutrition with Taunya Bruton has a blog that focuses on great recipes that are variations and less-healthy options, but they taste as good or better. The blog outlines health coaching tips, how to test for food sensitivity, information on supplements, and the blog posts are all informative.
    Potent Post: Health Coaching

  20. Holistic Nutritioness

    Holistic Nutritioness
    Holistic Nutritioness is designed for those looking to improve themselves through their nutritional needs. The posts highlight different ways to prevent polluting ourselves and also rundowns on different health topics.
    Potent Post: Obesity and Toxins

  21. Karen Roth Holistic Nutritionist

    Karen Roth Nutrition
    Karen Roth Nutrition publishes regular articles on various holistic practices, news articles on health, links to media, how to alleviate allergy symptoms, and more.
    Potent Post: Recipes

  22. Holistic Nutrition News

    Natural News Holistic Nutrition News
    Natural News is a news site focused on health with content posted by users. They also post special reports, and plenty of links to videos, radio, podcasts, and inforgraphics as well.
    Potent Post: Special Reports

  23. The Weston A. Price Foundation

    The Weston A Price Foundatino
    The Weston A. Price Foundation is a non-profit nutrition education foundation. They outline different health topics and nutrition conferences around the United States.
    Potent Post: Health Topics

  24. Holistic Nurses Association

    American Holistic Nurses Association
    AHNA, in part, works as a bridge between traditional medicine and alternative healing practices. Their mission includes educating healthcare providers as well as patients in holistic medicine options.
    Potent Post: FAQs

  25. Balance for Wholesome Living

    Balance for Wholesome Living
    A website that promotes healthy balanced living in all areas. Promotes macrobiotics, wholesome diet, exercise, and emotional health.
    Potent Post: Wholesome balance

  26. Holistic Nutrition Lab

    holistic nutrition lab
    Provides education and training for holistic health coaches. Seminars include information on how to deal with clients, promote holistic healing treatments, and understand in depth health concerns.
    Potent Post: Get Started

  27. Nutritionally Yours

    Nutritionally Yours Health Solutions
    This whole-life health center offers services including hormone testing, hair analysis, gluten intolerance testing and faith based counseling. These techniques help find the causes of and treat severe depression, hormone imbalance, ADD, and more.
    Potent Post: Body Composition and Weight Loss

  28. Holistic Nutrition Forum

    Holistic Nutrition Forum
    A forum to help find local nutrition specialists, recipes, holistic health conferences and other resources. Good for both health practitioners and individuals.
    Potent Post: Events and Classes

  29. The Institute of Holistic Nutrition

    The Institute of Holistic Nutrition
    The Institute of Holistic Nutrition is the leading training institute for holistic health professionals. They partner with students as they become professionals in this ever-expanding field.
    Potent Post: Nutrition Research

  30. Holistic Health Talk

    Holistic Health Talk with Cynthia Perkins
    Focuses on the benefits paleo eating and eliminating carb intake to reduce fatigue, depression, and other health problems. Also includes articles on sleep, exercise, and memory.
    Potent Post: Paleo Breakfasts

  31. Primo Healthcoach Holistic Health and Nutrition Blog

    Primo Health Coach
    Health coaching including simple methods: learning about nutrition, applying the knowledge, and getting to know your body. Small, positive changes can create a whole, healthy lifestyle.
    Potent Post: How to Make Sweet Potato Pancakes

  32. Holistic Nourishment Blog

    Holistic Nourishment
    Specializing in helping individuals with food allergies and diabetes, this blog has great resources for people struggling with health issues and dietary problems. Also offers suggestions for pain relief.
    Potent Post: April Newsletter – Spring Cleanse

  33. Institute for the Psychology of Eating Blog

    Institute for the Psychology of Eating
    A holistic health institute that trains professionals combining holistic health principles and psychology. The program is open to professionals, as well as individuals looking for further education.
    Potent Post: The Brain in your Belly

  34. Bluebird Nutrition

    Bluebird Nutrition
    Includes great information for pregnancy nutrition, offering help for clients struggling with nausea, hypoglycemia, and hyperglycemia. Offers other intensive nutritional counseling, including pantry raids and grocery store tours.
    Potent Post: Hydrating Tropical Smoothies

  35. Holistic New Life Nutrition

    Holistic New Life Nutrition
    Focuses on transforming your metabolism through holistic nutrition and teaching clients to reengage with their food, learn to get enough rest, reduce stress, and find time to meditate. Works with clients to help and treat the causes of blood pressure issues, exhaustion, and more.
    Potent Post: Hormones

  36. Whole Lifestyle Nutrition

    Whole Lifestyle Nutrition
    Information on meal planning, organic garden, and healthy recipes. Also features courses, ebooks, and consultations for weight loss and cooking.
    Potent Post: Real Food Meal Planning

  37. Holistic Nutrition Junkie

    holistic nutrition junkie
    Focuses on yoga, positive attitude and healthy habits to jump start a life transformation. Includes a huge list of plant based recipes to work in conjunction with spiritual mindfulness for total body health.
    Potent Post: 10 healthy habits to start now

  38. Akins Holistic Nutrition Counseling Blog

    Akins Holistic Nutrition Counseling Blog
    Extensive nutrition services, including shopping tours, meal plans, and general nutritional counseling. Also offers courses and workshops on health, nutrition, and healthy foods for those in the California area.
    Potent Post: The Benefits of Organic Foods

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Chefs & Recipes

Many of the most avid followers of holistic nutrition practices have taken to crafting their own recipes and meal plans and sharing them online. Participating in a holistic nutrition community

  1. Balance in Nutrition

    Balance in Nutrition
    Balance in Nutrition is run by Morgan Potts, a Holistic Health Counselor who received her degree at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. The site breaks down health coaching tips, upcoming events, and recipes to reform a lifestyle.
    Potent Post: Choose Your Program

  2. Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat

    marthas Vineyard Holistic Retreat
    Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat is a great resource for reforming eating habits and improving a quality of living through what food is consumed. Recipes for soups and shakes are included, along with how to “detox on a budget” and information on critical care retreats.
    Potent Post: Celebrity Detox Event

  3. Life Positive

    Life Positive gives advice on how to foster a better relationship with yourself and it a complete online guide to personal growth.
    Potent Post: Body

  4. Pulse Holistic Health

    Pulse Holistic Health
    Pulse Holistic Health is lush with guides on improving eating habits through recipes and smart tips for living a healthier lifestyle.
    Potent Post: Holistic Living

  5. Perfect Balance Holistic Health

    Perfect Balance Holistic Health
    Perfect Balance Holistic Health gives recipes broken into breakfast, meat & seafood, vegetables, soups, salads, and more to help change the typical conventions concerning food.
    Potent Post: Services

  6. Evolved Living

    Evolved Living Holistic Health management
    Evolved Holistic Living centers their content on Holistic Health Management and includes fantastic healthy recipes for cooking in ways more in tune with your body.
    Potent Post: Blog

  7. Holistic Sum

    Holistic Sum
    Holistic Sum is a great source for browsing recipes and improving a lifestyle through what is consumed. They provide health coaching in addition to recipes.
    Potent Post: My Approach

  8. Chef Karolina

    Chef Karolina
    Chef Karolina is run by a professional chef working in New York City and works with pregnant women and families to live healthy lives, no matter how busy a schedule may get. The eating tips will also help reduce anxiety and stress.
    Potent Post: Nourish Your Life Blog

  9. whitelightchef

    whitelightchef is a blog with posts touching on holistic cooking methods, along with film series and ways to connect via twitter.
    Potent Post: Virtual Vegan, What’s That?

  10. Garden Cuisine

    Garden Cuisine Your Holistic Personal Chef
    Garden Cuisine is run by a personal in-home chef who aims to help people manage very particular lifestyles and she specializes in vegetarian/vegan cooking.
    Potent Post: Sample Menus

  11. AngelFood

    Angel Food
    Angel Food offers catering and personal chef options in New Jersey. They offer a wide-variety of options, such as organic vegetarian and low-fat.
    Potent Post: Chef’s Bio

  12. My Kitchen Pot

    My Kitchen Pot
    Freda Mooncotch specializes in creating delicious, wholesome meals free of sugar, wheat, and preservatives. She believes that major health problems can be eliminated when these foods are no longer a staple of a person’s diet.
    Potent Post: Paleo Recipes

  13. Graw Foods

    Graw Foods
    Selling healthy gluten free granola and other products, GrawFoods offers clients snack actions to fit into a holistic lifestyle.
    Potent Post: About Us

  14. Andrea Beaman

    Holistic Health Andrea Beaman
    Andrea Beaman focuses on helping people heal their bodies naturally through good foods. She has worked with clients suffering from auto-immune disorders, weight problems, and poor energy.
    Potent Post: Events and Classes

  15. Healing Food Culture

    Catering to private clients, this chef creates flavorful and healthy meals centered around holistic methods. She has also created a line of gluten free and vegan desserts.
    Potent Post: Grapefruit and Basil Dressing

  16. Eat with Eli

    Eat With Eli
    A personal meal planning service in New York working with families with special diets, including vegan, vegetarian, casein free, gluten free, kosher and Paleo.
    Potent Post: Holistic Nutrition Counseling

  17. Whole-istic Living

    whole-istic living
    A nutritionist and whole foods chef in North Carolina, Melanie offers a myriad of services. She helps individuals with food planning, offers menus for a raw cleanse, as well as other wellness programs.
    Potent Post: Recipes

  18. Evolving Wellness

    Evolving Wellness
    A huge listing of recipes created for optimal health. Each uses fresh ingredients and focuses creating healthy, fresh meals.
    Potent Post: How to Make the Healthiest Cheeseburger Possible

  19. The Healthy Voyager

    The Healthy Voyager
    Focusing on living well, eating healthy, and going green, this site provides recommendations for food, travel, and products. All recipes are vegan-vegan friendly, great for watching weight or healthy eating.
    Potent Post: Organic Earth Day Drinks

  20. Blossoming Wellness

    Blossoming Wellness
    Focused on balanced living, this blog offers organic food recipes, as well inspirational articles and videos, and tips for healthful living.
    Potent Post: Southwestern Stuffed Peppers

  21. Wholistic Living

    Wholistic living revolution
    Recipes found here are created to help clients with weight management, hormonal imbalance, chronic pain, asthma and allergies. She also focuses on the natural ways to heal the body and skin.
    Potent Post: Services

  22. Holistic Woman

    Holistic Woman
    Created by PhD, this blog reaches out to anyone looking for a balanced way of living. As a doctor and a holistic healer, she brings a unique perspective to the topics of food, meditation, and whole-body health.
    Potent Post: The Tastiest Way to Eat More Broccoli

  23. Holistic Squid

    Holistic Squid
    Recipe lists include condiments, main meals, sides, and desserts, all focused on whole, natural foods. Also offers meal planning that can be structured to meal gluten free or vegan diets.
    Potent Post: Meal Plans

  24. Freo Holistic Nutrition

    Freo Holistic Nutrition
    A delicious assortment of homemade, natural desserts. Focuses on helping to maintain balance and healthy diet, primarily through helping to understand and reduce sugar cravings.
    Potent Post: Consults

  25. Holistic Gals Thinny Recipes

    Holistic Gals Thinny Recipes
    Vegan and vegetarian recipes. Focuses on low-fat, low-calorie, high nutrient foods.
    Potent Post: Mozzarella Eggplant

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Consultants & Therapists

Nutrition consultants and therapists work with individuals to design custom plans for using holistic nutrition and dietary regiments to maintain not only a healthy and lasting body, but a healthy mind. The same nutrition needs don’t apply to everyone, and a personalized plan created with the help of a professional is the best way to use holistic nutrition principles in daily life.

  1. Healthy Living with Essene Wolf

    Healthy Living with Essene Wolf
    Essene Health is a holistic health counseling service that helps people address their health needs. They help people suffering from diabetes, immunity dysfunctions, and so much more.
    Potent Post: Are You Eating Genetically Modified Organism?

  2. Jules & Bliss

    Jules and Bliss
    Empowering their clients to live their healthiest lives, Jules and Bliss focus on educating people about organic health and dietary cleanses. They focus on helping clients lose weight and have more energy.
    Potent Post: How Clean Is Your Drinking Water?

  3. Holistic Family Nutrition

    Holistic Family Nutrition
    Holistic Family Nutrition offers specialized plans for individuals and for families. This usually includes an initial exam/screening, as well as meal plans and supplement recommendations.
    Potent Post: The Food Tree

  4. My Body is a Temple

    My Body is a Temple
    MBT focuses on providing education that is a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual health principles. Programs include one-on-one sessions, newsletters, recipes, and overall support towards whole health.
    Potent Post: The Approach

  5. Energizing Nutrition

    Energizing Nutrition
    Energizing Nutrition is an encouraging and simple holistic health program. Focused on traditional methods of whole, natural foods, rest, and seasonal cleanses, they strive to improve energy and healing.
    Potent Post: How To Make a Delicious Green Smoothie

  6. Discover Holistic Balance

    Discover Holistic Balance
    A very client-centered, this health coaching service attempts to help clients understand their own personal diet needs. Also helps clients with preventative health concerns.
    Potent Post: Tame Sugar Cravings

  7. Holistic Health Revolution

    Holistic Health Revolution
    Holistic Health Revolution includes key dietary information as well as classes in healthy movement, such as yoga and nia. This integrated method provides overall health in the mind and body.
    Potent Post: What Is Your Sugar Craving Telling You?

  8. April Crowell

    April Crowell
    Combines Chinese medicine, Amma, and holistic nutrition to offer a healthier lifestyle to clients. By reaching clients the potential benefits of these things, they can help them have a fuller, natural, more energetic life.
    Potent Post: 10 tips for handling heartburn

  9. Nourish Holistic Nutrition

    Nourish Holistic Nutritioin
    Nourish believes in helping clients try to treat the three main problems they find in clients – poor sleep, low energy, and chronic pain. Through whole food living, they believe they can reach the underlying causes of these problems.
    Potent Post: Digestive Restoration

  10. Creating Balance

    Wellness Coach Creating Balance
    This wellness coach works as both a holistic consultant and professional organizer. She offers both of these services to clients, and believes that a best life can be achieved by finding balance with both.
    Potent Post: 21 Day Detox

  11. Biophilia, LLC

    Biophilia LLC
    Through a combination of yoga, whole foods eating, and support, this wellness coach attempts to lead their clients into a life of healing. She treats clients struggling with allergies, fatigue, and other symptoms.
    Potent Post: Coconut Pad Thai Salad

  12. Natural Ways to Health

    Natural Ways to Health
    Natural Ways offers many treatments and supplements for natural living, holistic health, and nutrition. There are products for ailments, weight loss, and digestion support available.
    Potent Post: Fatigue, a Common Dilemma

  13. Elissa Goodman, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

    Elissa Goodman
    Elissa Goodman basic but intensive health assessments for her clients. She offers honest information, cleanse guidelines, and helpful nutrition information for going forward.
    Potent Post: Importance of Sleep

  14. Holistic Choices

    Holistic Choices
    Holistic Choices offers many resources for people looking for information about nutrition, supplements, weight loss, or other health issues. They also offer specialized classes, as well as individualized consultations.
    Potent Post: Consultations and Classes

  15. The Holistic Health Center

    the holistic health center
    The Holistic Health Center in Wisconsin offers a variety of services for a balanced life. Their on-site experts include a nutritionist and herbal therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, and massage therapist.
    Potent Post: Health Care News and Updates

  16. SPICE! Holistic Nutrition & Wellness

    Spice Holistic Nutrition and Wellness
    SPICE! Holistic Nutrition & Wellness was founded in 2010 and helps support individuals in conscious eating methods and they also provide articles and resources to supplement their services, events, and workshops.
    Potent Post: Articles

  17. Tri Holistic Nutrition

    Tri Holistic Nutrition com
    Tri Holistic Nutrition focuses on providing a healthier lifestyle through advocating for local, organic, and seasonal foods. Services are provided for endurance athletes, general weight management, cancer patients, among others.
    Potent Post: Supplements

  18. Dr. Axe

    Dr Axe com
    Dr. Axe gives advice on how to optimize people’s health through holistic health methods. He has written books on dieting, fitness, and the best ways to improve methods to lose weight.
    Potent Post: Fake Olive Oil

  19. Chris Kresser L. Ac

    Chris Kresser l ac
    Chris Kresser gets to the bottom of why individuals aren’t feeling as they should through different health assessments and dieting suggestions. He is based in the San Francisco area and confronts diabetes, heart disease, heartburn, and depression within patients.
    Potent Post: Hypothyroidism

  20. Be Well Associates

    BeWell Associates
    Be Well Associates works with patients to address health concerns through tests and services designed to identify the best approach to holistic nutrition.
    Potent Post: Holistic Nutritional Counseling

  21. Healing Illuminations

    Healing Illuminations
    Healing Illuminations is a blog run by Holistic Nutrition Consultant Bridget Krutzik and gives advice on the best recipes for people and more information on nutrition consultations, Angelic Reiki, and Angel Readings.
    Potent Post: Media

  22. Wind of Change Nutrition

    Wind of Change Nutrition
    Wind of Change Nutrition assists patients with a variety of health conditions, ranging from digestive disorders to depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. They offer nutritional counseling, but also bio-therapeutic drainage, live blood cell microscopy, and more.
    Potent Post: Holistic Nutrition

  23. Lavender Holistic

    Lavender Holistic
    Lavender Holistic is run by a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant and is experienced in assisting clients in losing weight, boosting immune systems, detoxifying bodies, and helping optimize fertility.
    Potent Post: Recipes and Rants

  24. Cheryl Berkowitz, CHHC, HC

    Cheryl Berkowitz
    Cheryl Berkowitz is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Health Coach based in Northampton, Mass with experience in bone health counseling, one-on-one wellness counseling, along with seasonal cleanses and weight loss programs.
    Potent Post: Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling for Women

  25. Holistic Equilibrium

    holistic equilibrium
    Holistic Equilibrium helps individuals get their health out of a state of imbalance and get people in tune with themselves again. They provide recipes, weekly talk magazines online, podcasts, and other helpful tips.
    Potent Post: Learn

  26. You’re A Peach Holistic Nutritional Consulting

    Your a Peach Holistic Nutrition and ellness
    You’re a Peach Holistic Nutrition and Wellness is a very comprehensive site for looking at the services a registered holistic nutritionist can do and how to detoxify and lose weight. Additionally, they hold workshops, give lots of information in the FAQ, and provide many useful articles.
    Potent Post: Workshops

  27. Sacred Source Nutrition

    Sacred Source Nutrition
    Sacred Source Nutrition is a great resource for gaining a better understanding of nutrition and holistic health practices to enrich the eating habits of anyone.
    Potent Post: Raw Living Food Recipes

  28. Denver Nutrition

    Denver Nutrition LLC
    Denver Nutrition is run by a Master Nutrition Therapist named Debbie Allen. She provides food/nutrition support along with other services that help people feel better.
    Potent Post: Raw Milk is REAL

  29. Holistic Nutrition for the Whole You

    Holistic Nutrition for the Whole You
    Holistic Nutrition for the Whole You is run by Tammera J. Karr, who received her PhD in Holistic Nutrition and runs the site to assist those looking for holistic health advice.
    Potent Post: Services

  30. Crave Nutrition

    Crave Nutrition
    Crave Nutrition is a site tailored to health coaching and provides information on health coaching, health forms, recipes, and upcoming events.
    Potent Post: What Your Sugar Craving is Telling You

  31. Rebecca Pascoe, Holistic Health Counsellor

    Rebecca Pascoe Holistic Health Counselor
    Rebecca Pascoe works in holistic wellness counseling and also helps people align better with which food lifestyle is best suited for them.
    Potent Post: Health Counseling

  32. Natural Healing Health

    This site offers natural healing and health information and resources based on the art and science of healing the natural way.
    Potent Post: Healthy Foods

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Holistic Nutrition for Pets

Holistic nutrition isn’t just for people. Many companies produce food and supplements for pets as well. The proper mix of nutritious foods can keep pets healthy and energetic for longer than a standard daily kibble allowance.

  1. Wondercide Blog

    Wondercide is a line of natural products focused on an assortment of needs, from natural hygiene products for pets to skin care for humans, as well as pest control and fertilizer.
    Potent Post: Reviews

  2. Holistic Pet Cuisine Blog

    your holistic pets cuisine
    Your Holistic Pet’s Cuisine focuses on bringing animal’s diets back in line with how they were in nature, with raw dog and cat food.
    Potent Post: We Brush Our Teeth, Do You Brush Your Pet’s Teeth?

  3. Only Natural Pet Store Blog

    Only Natural Pet Store
    Offers information on alternative, safe, pet-friendly products, including shampoos, food, and flea treatments. Includes tips for recognizing and treating health problems in pets.
    Potent Post: 15 Tips to Detox Your Pet

  4. Natural Pet Health Blog

    Natural Wonder Pet Health Blog
    A wide-range of natural and holistic pet treatments. Includes basic items like vitamins and dental treats, but also products for treatment of diabetes and urinary track infections.
    Potent Post: Alcohol in Dental Sprays

  5. EarthWise Pet Supply & Nature’s Pet Market Blog

    Earthwise Pet Supply and Nature's Pet Market Blog
    Reviews of natural pet food and pet supplies. Also includes health and safety tips for animals around seasons, holidays, and around the home.
    Potent Post: Tips for Spring Gardening with Pets

  6. Holistic Pet Info

    holistic pet info blog
    Excellent site for any health-related questions for pets. Individuals pose pet problems and have them answered by a vet steeped in holistic medicine.
    Potent Post: Immune Support for Rescue Cats

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