Leading Sites for Healthy Vegan Eating

Leading Sites for Healthy Vegan Eating

Holistic nutrition is all about getting the perfect blend of nutrients from healthy sources while avoiding foods with toxic additives and excess amounts of particular chemicals. Opting for a vegan diet is one way that many people transition to overall healthier eating, and it’s a great way to eliminate some of the most common unhealthy eating habits. Check out our list of leading sites for healthy vegan living:

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Veganism is often chosen for moral reasons as well, but for anyone who wants to develop more holistically nutritious eating habits, the health benefits of avoiding animal products like meat and milk are a great incentive to give the vegan lifestyle a shot. Some of the awesome benefits of going vegan include:

  • Reducing consumption of animal growth hormones and other chemicals.
  • Increased intake of fiber and assorted nutrients found in vegetables.
  • Lowered intake of excess sugar, salt, and fat typically found in processed meats, cheeses, and other animal products.

While veganism isn’t for everyone, it is in increasingly popular choice for people who want to pursue more holistic dietary habits, and these sites offer awesome recipes and in-depth descriptions of the benefits of veganism for anyone who wants to give it a shot.

  1. Your Daily Vegan

    Your Daily Vegan is a frequently updated blog written by a team of “unapologetic vegans on a mission.” Their posts regularly cover new vegan products, vegan recipes, and animal rights news.
    Healthy & Delicious: Get Jacked with New Vegan Protein

  2. Get Vegucated

    Get Vegucated is the website behind the film, “Vegucated,” which follows three people who agree to adopt a vegan diet for six weeks. The site provides supplementary materials and more information about becoming vegan.
    Healthy & Delicious: Take Action

  3. Vegie Head

    Vegie Head is a website and book that posts great recipes designed to empower individuals in the kitchen again, allowing them to make interesting vegan dishes and no longer confining them to a simple array of ingredients.
    Healthy & Delicious: Recipes

  4. 100% Vegan Happy Healthy Life

    Healthy. Happy. Life. is a great tool for vegans looking for more recipes and advice on staying healthy while being vegan.
    Healthy & Delicious: Videos: Vegan Recipes, Cooking Tips

  5. Oh She Glows

    Oh She Glows is run by a woman named Angela who uses the blog to outline the best vegan dishes, but with incredible depth. Categories include appetizers, beverages, breakfast, desserts, holidays, seasonal, and many, many more.
    Healthy & Delicious: Entrees

  6. Vegan Bits

    Vegan Bits looks at many different areas of being vegan, including product reviews for different items to help make vegan items. With awesome recipes, animal rights news, restaurant reviews, and vegan philosophy, it’s a great site for anyone looking for more vegan resources.
    Healthy & Delicious: Health

  7. The Vegan R.D.

    The Vegan R.D. blogs about vegan life from the perspective of a dietitian and explains the benefits to being vegan, along with things to watch out for.
    Healthy & Delicious: It’s Never Too Late to Go Vegan

  8. Get Sconed

    Get Sconed uses a fun play on words as the title of the vegan blog run by Jess Scone. Posts look at interesting vegan recipes and also emphasize the communal aspects of eating.
    Healthy & Delicious: Asparagus for Dinner

  9. Will Travel for Vegan Food

    Will Travel for Vegan Food is a blog devoted to searching out the best vegan food on various trips and blogging the best places to check out as well.
    Healthy & Delicious: Where I’ve Been

  10. Air Eater

    Air Eater is run by the co-founder of Toronto’s only vegan social media company and recipes on the site have been featured on Happy Herbivore, Bob’s Red Mill, and more. The site is great for finding delicious vegan dishes to make, including awesome deserts.
    Healthy & Delicious: Peach Raw Fruit Leather

  11. A Dash of Compassion

    A Dash of Compassion is run by a Canadian editor and writer named Nicole who has been vegan for 14 years and has an extensive background in creating vegan dishes, including a Vegan Baking Boot Camp at the Natural Gourmet Institute. She’s certified in plant-based nutrition from Cornell and the recipes are a great resource for exploring the different impacts plants can have on dishes.
    Healthy & Delicious: Recipe Index

  12. The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur

    The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur is a popular vegan site because it’s all about cookies! The site looks at the best vegan cookie recipes, along with other vegan dishes.
    Healthy & Delicious: Vida Vegan Con II: Year of the Instagram

  13. My Kind of Life

    My Kind of Life highlights a vegan’s adventures around the world and reviews the vegan restaurants she tries. Additionally, she has fitness and beauty tips that contribute to a healthy vegan lifestyle.
    Healthy & Delicious: Girl’s Gotta Eat

  14. From A to Vegan

    From A to Vegan covers every facet of becoming and staying vegan. From lifestyle tips to cooking, the site is dense with useful advice and even upcoming vegan events to be on the lookout for.
    Healthy & Delicious: Cooking

  15. Notes from the Vegan Feast Kitchen/ 21st Century Table

    Notes from the Vegan Feast is the journal for a vegan food writer and regularly highlights fantastic vegan cooking options that are becoming much more commonly used and also better tasting.
    Healthy & Delicious: Gluten-Free Recipe List

  16. The Vegan Pact

    The Vegan Pact was started by a couple who decided to go from vegetarian to vegan together in early 2012 and follows the dishes they’ve made together and also helpful insight into the process of fully going vegan.
    Healthy & Delicious: Simple Sweet Potato Cumin Tacos with Chipotle Sauce

  17. Artisan Vegan Life

    Artisan Vegan Life is written by a vegan chef who stars in a cooking show called “Miyoko’s Kitchen” and has published several books on vegan cuisine.
    Healthy & Delicious: More Cheesy Tips

  18. The Veracious Vegan

    The Veracious Vegan is based in Washington, DC and focuses on reviewing different vegan restaurants around the world. The blog also provides great recipes, including even gluten-free options.
    Healthy & Delicious: Ape Man Foods

  19. Barefoot Essence

    Barefoot Essence is a blog focused on preparing plant-based, gluten-free food. The idea of being “barefoot in the kitchen” is to strip down recipes back to healthy, natural ingredients.
    Healthy & Delicious: Restaurant Review: Chicago Diner – Meat-Free since 1983

  20. Vegan Sparkles

    Vegan Sparkles is a great blog for quick and easy vegan recipes and for finding other useful links for becoming vegan. The tips include fantastic deserts and innovative ingredients.
    Healthy & Delicious: 10-minute Raw Choc Mint Slice with Choc Ganache

  21. An Unrefined Vegan

    An Unrefined Vegan blogs random musings on a number of subjects as they pertain to veganism. The blog holds a “Virtual Vegan Potluck” and also a useful section on substitutions.
    Healthy & Delicious: Yeah, But Does It Taste Good?

  22. Vegan ESP

    Vegan ESP reviews different vegan dishes, but also has news, features, and a “Bad Ass Vegans” section.
    Healthy & Delicious: Bad Ass Vegans

  23. A, B, C, Vegan

    A, B, C, Vegan is a site that outlines the first steps to becoming vegan, complete with easy-to-make dishes and insightful living tips. The foods tend to revolve around easily accessible items and have simple cooking instructions.
    Healthy & Delicious: Sweet Avocado Kale Salad

  24. Vegans are Cool

    Vegans are Cool highlights the individuals in many different fields who are vegan and underlines how cool it can be to be vegan. From athletes to actors and musicians, the site looks at different vegans in a variety of areas.
    Healthy & Delicious: Cool Vegans

  25. Keepin’ It Kind

    Keepin’ It Kind chronicles vegan cooking, dining, travel, among other areas. The author details her trips around the country to hubs of vegan food and also provides useful insight into easy-to-make dishes and substitutions.
    Healthy & Delicious: Qrunch Burgers: Review & A Giveaway!


    26 – 50


  27. The Little Foxes

    The Little Foxes is an awesome blog with a clean-cut layout and casual demeanor that provides wellness tips, recipes, reviews and giveaways, and even tips for going vegan.
    Healthy & Delicious: Joy + Wellness

  28. The Vegan Chickpea

    The Vegan Chickpea is run by a couple that focuses on invigorating vegan dishes, along with good reads for those inquiring for more ideas. The posts highlight many useful ideas for aspiring vegans.
    Healthy & Delicious: Thyme Roasted Purple Potatoes and Corn

  29. Vegan Consultant

    Vegan Consultant is a blog based in New York City that specializes in providing lifestyle advice for vegans. The idea of the blog is to empower others to join and have the resources available to understand the steps that must be undertaken to successfully become a vegan.
    Healthy & Delicious: How-To Travel Vegan + Stay Healthy

  30. The Blooming Platter of Vegan Recipes

    The Blooming Platter of Vegan Recipes is run by Betsy Difulio and provides full courses for making delicious vegan food. The categories are broken down into main dishes, appetizers, soups, and salads, making it much easier to find a recipe for any occasion.
    Healthy & Delicious: What’s The Platter

  31. Dinner with Dilip

    Dinner with Dilip was started as sort of a response to other vegan blogs and had a distinct plan of showcasing different dishes made. The author swears to not repeat dishes and largely creates different recipes for his wife.
    Healthy & Delicious: Dandelion Greens w Kale and Chickpea, Japanese Sweet Potato

  32. Awesome. Vegan. Rad.

    Awesome. Vegan. Rad. is a useful vegan blog that provides recipes for vegans, but also incorporates useful resources into the side of the blog. The recipes are useful for those working on a budget and also use fairly straightforward ingredients.
    Healthy & Delicious: Muffin Mania

  33. Vegan Prisoners Support Group

    The Vegan Prisoners Support Group works with those who have become incarcerated in the United Kingdom and actively works to provide them with vegan food options, as well as clothing, hygiene products, and more.
    Healthy & Delicious: Veganism in Prison

  34. Daily Vegan Recipes

    Daily Vegan Recipes provides vegans a place to come for a new recipe every day. The site’s simple format keeps the focus on recipes and is a great tool for always having an exciting new recipe idea.
    Healthy & Delicious: Today’s Recipe

  35. Fork and Beans

    Fork and Beans is a food blog focused on gluten, egg, and dairy-free dishes. The recipes are really interesting, many times pulled from life experiences, and also include a section detailing how to go gluten-free.
    Healthy & Delicious: Recipes

  36. Vegan Crunk

    Vegan Crunk is run by a Memphis-based vegan who regularly posts different dishes and restaurant reviews from around the Memphis and other areas of the mid-South.
    Healthy & Delicious: Bluff City Vegan Eats: Two Vegan Sistas

  37. The Year of the Vegan

    The Year of the Vegan is run by Carla, an author of vegan recipe books. She uses the site to review different vegan books and also to provide interesting vegan recipes.
    Healthy & Delicious: Vegan Bake Sale

  38. The Touring Vegan Chef

    The Touring Vegan Chef is run by Joshua Ploeg, a Los Angeles-based personal chef who authored the popular vegan book, “In Search of the Lost Taste.” The blog posts look at different elements of being vegan and provide commentary on different dietary themes.
    Healthy & Delicious: Hello Summer!

  39. Farm Sanctuary, Inc.

    Farm Sanctuary, Inc. is a great educational resource for looking at the destructive implications of the factory farms across the country. The vegan lifestyle is popular at Farm Sanctuary not only because it is animal friendly, but because it mitigates the health risks of eating factory farmed, hormone-treated animal products, and reduces damage to the environment.
    Healthy & Delicious: Postcard From The Road: We’re On A Roll

  40. Vegan Heartland

    The author of Vegan Heartland became a vegan because he didn’t want to support cruel conditions used in harvesting meat and other animal products. Most of the posts on the blog feature animal-product-free recipes delicious enough to turn most anyone vegan.
    Healthy & Delicious: Sugar and Spice Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

  41. The Kind Life

    Alicia Silverstone runs a blog discussing different vegan options and has really great articles pertaining to living healthy and extending vegan options to others.
    Healthy & Delicious: Mama

  42. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

    The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – Vegetarian and Vegan Diets page looks at the most effective ways to live healthily and shows the importance as to what is eaten and its effects on the body.
    Healthy & Delicious: Success Stories

  43. Choosing Raw

    Choosing Raw is centered on a vegan approach and how to become a raw vegan. The site is complete with lifestyle support and recipes for successfully engaging in becoming a raw vegan.
    Healthy & Delicious: Work With Me

  44. The Compassionate Cook

    The Compassionate Cook is run by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, a cook who promotes a 30-day vegan challenge and has written numerous books on converting to veganism.
    Healthy & Delicious: Food for Thought Podcast

  45. Vegan Cuts

    Vegan Cuts looks at the best vegan products across the Internet and includes advice on what to buy, what to avoid, even down to clothing, and also upcoming events around the country.
    Healthy & Delicious: Review & Giveaway: Kaeng Three-Day Beginner’s Detox

  46. JL Goes Vegan

    JF Goes Vegan follows JL Fields, a vegan cook, lifestyle coach, and educator, as she shows how to go vegan and improve a lifestyle.
    Healthy & Delicious: Vegan Lifestyle Coaching & Education

  47. Allyson Kramer’s Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes

    Allyson Kramer’s Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes is a great blog to find different, new recipes for preparing vegan dishes. She also highlights the wide array of literature available for vegans.
    Healthy & Delicious: The Great Vegan Book

  48. Plant Powered Kitchen

    Plant-Powered Kitchen is run by Dreena Burton and provides awesome vegan recipes that are low fat and much more aligned with the needs of the body. She’s authored numerous books on vegan living and the site is dense with great eating tips.
    Healthy & Delicious: How-To Videos

  49. Viva la Vegan

    Viva la Vegan focuses on positive education, information, as well as vegan outreach. The idea is to better inform people as to ethical lifestyle choices and underline how we can be compassionate regarding what we eat as well.
    Healthy & Delicious: Articles

  50. Vegan Miam

    Vegan Miam is a great site for looking at different vegan places to eat around the world. It was started in Vienna, Austria in 2011, but the author, a real world traveler, was born in Taiwan and raised in Pittsburgh.
    Healthy & Delicious: Travel

  51. Cake Maker to the Stars

    Cake Maker to the Stars blogs about different vegan recipes that pertain to vegan and gluten-free recipes. The site is an awesome source for more information on being a vegan as well.
    Healthy & Delicious: Pixie Retreat Rawr Laboratoies & Makery

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  53. The Veggie Nook

    The Veggie Nook is run by an aspiring nutritionist named Gabby who currently is studying at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. She outlines the benefits to vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and how it can best complement the life of the average person.
    Healthy & Delicious: Health and Wellness

  54. Cadry’s Kitchen

    Cadry’s Kitchen is a cool blog run by Cadry, a woman raised in Iowa who aims to help others become more in-tune with plant-based diets for living healthier and being happier.
    Healthy & Delicious: Going Vegan

  55. Virtual Vegan Potluck

    Virtual Vegan Potluck is a fun idea in which different vegan recipe websites contribute recipes pertaining to different themes, which allows people to click through the list, starting at appetizers and moving to small plates, entrees, and desserts. Although the site has only been around a year, it is growing at a fairly quick pace.
    Healthy & Delicious: How It Works

  56. Fat Free Vegan Kitchen

    Fat Free Vegan Kitchen is an incredibly useful blog for finding delicious vegan dishes with no added oil, such as oil, margarine, and shortening. Her recipe index and recipe box are great sources for a variety of vegan recipes and make becoming vegan much easier.
    Healthy & Delicious: Recipe Box

  57. Vegansaurus

    Vegansaurus is a vegan lifestyle guide that helps vegans with valuable living tips for being better vegans and managing many different recipes. The site has in-depth reviews of different parts of San Francisco and also different cities around the world.
    Healthy & Delicious: Upton’s Bacon Seitan is Tops!

  58. Post Punk Kitchen

    Post Punk Kitchen was started in Brooklyn in 2003 with the idea to start a fun cooking show for vegans to enjoy, complete with bands. The show highlights different vegan dishes with a bunch of unique ingredients.
    Healthy & Delicious: Chipotle Mac & Cheese With Roasted Brussel Sprouts

  59. Vedged Out

    Vedged Out is a site focused intently on empowering others to live healthy, vegan lifestyles and provides ample recipes and guidance for others. The tips looks at many different aspects of veganism and even includes a Green Smoothie Challenge.
    Healthy & Delicious: Green Smoothie Challenge: Day 1

  60. ChooseVeg

    ChooseVeg is a colorful, well-designed site that looks at why people should go vegan and the most appropriate way to do it. From recipes to vegan celebrities, and nutrition tips, the site has it all.
    Healthy & Delicious: Build a Meal

  61. Vegan.com

    Vegan.com is a straightforward guide for vegans to find good books, cooking accessories, and shopping info as it pertains to clothing and other information.
    Healthy & Delicious: Recipes

  62. Vegan Mainstream

    Vegan Mainstream is a comprehensive source for vegans that looks mostly at different animal rights issues, environmental issues as the impact food sources, the usage of animals in clothing, and useful vegan recipes.
    Healthy & Delicious: Society

  63. SuperVegan

    Super Vegan is a website made by vegans for vegans. The site is based in New York City and includes a bunch of useful tools, including a New York City vegan restaurant finder.
    Healthy & Delicious: Bunna Café Brings Ethiopia to Bushwick With a Three-Day Restaurant at Little Skips

  64. Go Vegan

    Go Vegan’s site is an awesome resource for vegans looking for more resources on how to be better vegans. Sarah Kramer, the site’s author, has also co-authored books with great vegan recipes as well.
    Healthy & Delicious: Blog

  65. Vegan Chat Room Blog

    Vegan Chat Room Blog posts different recipes that supplement VeganChatRoom.com. The site is updated regularly, so different recipes and ideas can be found continuously.
    Healthy & Delicious: Artisan Vegan Cheese

  66. Hell Yeah It’s Vegan

    Hell Yeah It’s Vegan breaks down vegan recipes into many different categories, ranging from main and side dishes, as well as desserts, breads, snacks, drinks, and even tips on how to turn anything into a vegan dish.
    Healthy & Delicious: Veganize Everything!

  67. Vegan Score

    Vegan Score is a Seattle-based vegan blog that focuses on lifestyle more-so than recipes. The different posts vary extensively in content, but maintain consistency in delivery.
    Healthy & Delicious: 10 Tips for a Thriving Vegan

  68. Vegan Yack Attack

    Vegan Yack Attack writes about all sorts of vegan dishes and recipes, including captivating photos as well. The blog is updated regularly and is a great resource for vegans.
    Healthy & Delicious: Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Frosting

  69. By Any Greens Necessary

    Tracye McQuirter runs the fantastic vegan blog, By Any Greens Necessary. It looks at good vegan recipes and how to best focus on meeting different dietary constraints concerning veganism.
    Healthy & Delicious: Recipes

  70. Robin Robertson’s Global Vegan Kitchen

    Robin Robertson’s Global Vegan Kitchen is a great site for browsing vegan dishes and finding something appealing for everyone. The wide range of dishes, including appetizing pictures, make the site very worthwhile.
    Healthy & Delicious: Cookbooks

  71. Vegangela

    Vegangela is run by a woman named Angela who has been vegan for 18 years and currently lives in Toronto where she writes useful vegan tips, recipes, and more.
    Healthy & Delicious: What’s That Ingredient?

  72. Vegan in the Sun

    Vegan in the Sun is run by Taymer Mason and the blog focuses on being vegan in the Caribbean. The different food choices presented to being vegan in The Caribbean is particularly interesting and the dishes highlight fun ways to be vegan.
    Healthy & Delicious: My Food Story Coconut Coleslaw

  73. Of Course Vegan

    Of Course Vegan posts different news articles that explain the benefits of going vegan. They have events, giveaways, interviews, nutrition information, and more.
    Healthy & Delicious: Cities

  74. Olives for Dinner

    Olives for Dinner chronicles a vegan as she lives with her meat-eating husband and details the dishes they agree on and other useful information on being vegan.
    Healthy & Delicious: Full Recipe Index

  75. Vegan Housewives

    Vegan Housewives publishes different recipes, tips for feeding a baby a vegan diet, along with useful tips on dining out, desserts, and more!
    Healthy & Delicious: Homemade Recipes

  76. Veggietorials

    Veggietorials is centered on veganism and all the recipes and places to eat that cater to vegans. The wide ranging dishes and beautiful photos make the site appealing to vegans and non-vegans alike.
    Healthy & Delicious: You’ve Got Mail: May Vegan Cuts Snack Box + Bonus Taste of Oregon Box

  77. Bread Without Butter

    Bread Without Butter is a vegan blog focused on vegan cooking and baking, but has an emphasis on the delicious foods that result from it. Included is an in-depth recipe guide as well.
    Healthy & Delicious: Recipes


    76 – 101


  79. Vegan Action

    Vegan Action is an informative site that educates on veganism and how to become one, along with animal rights and environmental issues that are many times connected. The site provides information on what a vegan is, along with good recipes and things to look for.
    Healthy & Delicious: Learn

  80. Vegan Sweet Tooth

    Vegan Sweet Tooth is all about vegan desserts and is kind enough to break the selections down into vegan, soy free, gluten free, oil free, and more. They also have awesome cocktail recommendations and a nice gallery of vegan pastries.
    Healthy & Delicious: Menu

  81. Maple Spice

    Maple Spice is the awesome blog of a Canadian woman who now lives in Ireland who provides ample recipes for being vegan, including categories broken into sweet and savoury to help no matter the occasion. She’s been featured in The Irish Examiner, The Irish Independent, and Easy Vegetarian Foods From Around the World.
    Healthy & Delicious: Sweet Recipes

  82. Cupcakes and Kale

    Cupcakes and Kale is looks at vegan cuisine, desserts, and vegan living in general in Northern Ontario in Canada. The site is a fantastic tool for vegans looking to understand veganism better or just have more recipe ideas.
    Healthy & Delicious: Baby Inspired Eats: Cinnamon Waffles with Apple Compote

  83. One Arab Vegan

    One Arab Vegan is an awesome blog that looks at different vegan recipes and the author provides useful tips on how to make the best dishes, all while including interesting details of her own life and history.
    Healthy & Delicious: Vegan Red Velvet Cookies

  84. X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery Blog

    X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery Blog is the official blog of the Troy, New Jersey vegan bakery, X’s to O’s. The site posts different lunch specials and vegan recipes regularly, which make it great for their passionate crowd of regulars.
    Healthy & Delicious: Lunch Specials May 7-11

  85. Holy Cow! A Vegan Recipe Blog

    Holy Cow! A Vegan Recipe Blog is a fantastic site for looking at different dishes and recipes for vegans. Included with the ingredients are informative how-to’s on different dishes.
    Healthy & Delicious: Quinoa Crepes with Cilantro Hummus

  86. Vegan Mother Hubbard

    Vegan Mother Hubbard looks at being a mom, raising twins, and maintaining a healthy, vegan lifestyle, all simultaneously. The site’s clean-cut and colorful imagery is appealing, while the posts are inviting and intuitive.
    Healthy & Delicious: Recipes & Menus

  87. Cupcake Kitteh

    Cupcake Kitteh is based in Sydney Australia and underlines her affinity for veganism and how it has benefited her life. The posts look at being vegan and how to be vegan in Sydney.
    Healthy & Delicious: Eating Vegan in Sydney

  88. Andrea’s Easy Vegan Cooking

    Andrea’s Easy Vegan Cooking is focused on providing the best ways to be vegan with simple or easy-to-make dishes that promote a healthy vegan lifestyle. The blog also includes reviews, quotes, and blog honors in addition to the recipes.
    Healthy & Delicious: Recipes

  89. Seitan is My Motor

    Seitan is My Motor is a site that focuses on innovative vegan recipes and is published in English and German. The different recipes look delicious and provide interesting ways to make standard dishes.
    Healthy & Delicious: Go Vegan, Get Skinny?

  90. An Ode to Mung Beans

    An Ode to Mung Beans is a site all about vegan cooking and how to prepare the best dishes with a variety of meat-free ingredients.
    Healthy & Delicious: Vegan Basil Pesto Using a Mortar and Pestle

  91. It’s Easy Being Vegan

    It’s Easy Being Vegan highlights the ways that being vegan is actually easier than eating meat and its byproducts. The site also outlines what a vegan is and has awesome supplementary readings.
    Healthy & Delicious: What Vegans Eat

  92. Vegan Appetite

    Vegan Appetite blogs different vegan dishes, good books to read, along with upcoming events relevant to veganism and animal rights. The site also has a wide array of good pictures showcasing the end-result of dishes.
    Healthy & Delicious: Celebrate the Great American Vegan Cookout!

  93. Well Vegan

    Well Vegan outlines the best plans for going vegan, complete with recipes, meal plans, and even a shopping list. The site also provides resources for understanding different vegan techniques.
    Healthy & Delicious: Peanut Butter Smoothie

  94. Veganizzm

    Veganizzm is an awesome blog with colorful, delicious recipes for vegans to indulge in. The site’s dedication to new content means there is always a new recipe available for even the daily reader.
    Healthy & Delicious: Strawberry Chia Seed Jam

  95. Turning Veganese

    Turning Veganese highlights awesome vegan options, from restaurants to recipes and more. The casual, fun tone of the blog makes it a refreshing read and really keeps the reader’s attention.
    Healthy & Delicious: Dining Out

  96. Green Heart Vegan Bakery

    Green Heart Vegan Bakery is run by Alaine of Alaine’s Bakery in Los Angeles. She’s currently based in Tucson and highlights the benefits of veganism and current developments in veganism.
    Healthy & Delicious: Product Info

  97. Vegan Eats and Treats

    Vegan Eats and Treats is a great site for finding delicious vegan treats and the best ways to prepare different vegan items. They highlight traveling tips and also have an interesting “Around The World” section that has the ambitious goal of eating a different meal from a different country every day for a month.
    Healthy & Delicious: Around The World

  98. American Vegan Society

    American Vegan Society is the official organization that represents vegans in America and it’s complete with fantastic resources for being a vegan, complete from recipes to dating advice.
    Healthy & Delicious: Dating Vegans

  99. Crack the Plates

    Crack The Plates is a vegan living in Atlanta and highlights the best vegan places to eat, different recipes, and also a useful cookbook collection.
    Healthy & Delicious: Cookbook Collection

  100. The Vegan Version

    The Vegan Version integrates life experiences in with veganism and also combines delicious recipes as well. The recipe tips are very in-depth and provide great footing for anyone trying to understand vegan cooking and baking more thoroughly.
    Healthy & Delicious: Raspberry Filled Chocolate Cake

  101. Luminous Vegans

    Luminous Vegans is an awesome website that highlights different recipes options for vegans and includes insightful commentary on veganism.
    Healthy & Delicious: Vegan Resources

  102. My Face is on Fire

    My Face is on Fire is a blog and podcast that focuses on the ethical treatment of animals and its relation to veganism. Additionally, the blog underlines how vegans are misrepresented in mainstream media and pop culture.
    Healthy & Delicious: When Non-Vegans Write About Veganism Revisited

  103. No Whey! Vegan Baked Goods Blog

    This blog provides different vegan recipes and the author of the site, Jenn Shagrin, is also the author of the cookbook “Veganize This.” The site’s content covers book promoting and recipes, along with interesting personal stories.
    Healthy & Delicious: Homemade Flatbreads with Vegan Mascarpone, San Marzano Port Wine Pizza Sauce, Chanterelles, and Edible Flowers

  104. Venerable Bean

    Venerable Bean provides different vegan dessert recipes. Its namesake comes from a bakery run by the owner of the blog in Morgantown, West Virginia.
    Healthy & Delicious: Chocolate Cake

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