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What children’s plates look like matters!!!

Think back to when you were back in primary or secondary education.  For some of us, this is quite the brain exercise to think back that far, but I know you can do it!  Now that you are back in primary or secondary education think about what you had to eat at school.

Did you eat school lunch?

Did you bring your own school lunch?

Did you like school lunch?

What was your favorite school lunch?

Do you think school lunch

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Kick off St. Patrick’s Day with something Green in your diet!

We have all heard it before…”eat your vegetables!” As a child, many of us would fight consuming that slimy looking green thing sitting on our plate.  As adults, many of our views of vegetables change.  Even if vegetables are not our favorite thing to eat we consume them anyway because of their nutritional benefits.

Vegetables come in different shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and tastes. But did you know that each vegetables poses different nutritional properties and therefore different amounts are needed on

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Bigger, Faster, Stonger

In the world of athletics, the goals of becoming bigger, stronger, faster, slimmer, or more energized never cease to occur. To obtain and retain these goals, commitment to a strict exercise and nutrition plan is required. However, after months of grueling training it’s easy to give up hope and reach for a magic pill. Buyer beware, dietary supplements that make such claims to help athletes reach their peak performance do not have to show effectiveness or

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The way to Sustainability

Change happens whether we want it to or not. Sometimes change can be for the better (ex: Having a healthy baby join the family), or change can be rough (ex: Having a bad hair cut/perm).  Regardless of the type of change we have each experienced, the type of change that occurs with improved technology not only makes us work smarter and not harder, but helps us to make decisions that will keep the environment bountiful for years

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Feed the World

Have you heard, by 2050 the world’s population in estimated to reach over 9 Billion people! That is a 34 percent increase!  Places most affected will be urban areas in developing countries. To feed this ever growing population food production will have to increase by 70 percent.  Cereal production will need to increase to 3 billion tons vs the 2.1 billon tons today and meat production will need to increase by over 200 million tons.


With so many people

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It’s about your “Gut” feeling!

When working as a clinical dietitian one of the questions that you become comfortable asking patients are when their last bowel movement (BM) was.  Yes, it may be uncomfortable asking patients such personal questions but in reality, bowel movements can tell anyone in the medical world a lot about a persons health.

Having a healthy and active gut microflora is important for keeping individuals healthy. Your body consists of thousands of gut microflora of various microorganism (bacteria, yeast and fungi).  By having a healthy

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What’s to come in 2015…

Regardless of where you live, New York, Peru, London, China, etc. everyone seems to celebrates New Years.

For instance, does your New Year start off by a nice dinner with friends and family just to end in pajama’s and sleeping on the couch until 11:50pm?    Guilty

Or, do you impatiently wait for the clock to ring midnight just so you can shout “Happy New Year” while being surrounded by friends and family?   Guilty

Regardless of how you celebrate New Years most people do not enter New Years

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Shopping on the…GO!

The Breakdown of Holiday Shopping:

Driving to mall/stores

Searching for parking

Walk to mall/stores

Spend money

Caffeine break to re-charge

Spend more money

Walk again

Lunch break

Walk once again

Spend more money

Walk…..again… find the car with gifts in tow

Put feet up as exhaustion has taken over


No matter what your holiday shopping experience looks like, for those that do not do all of there shopping online, a day of shopping can be very tiresome.  I admit, I have done most of my holiday shopping online this year but

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Don’t fall into the Gobble Wobble

We all know that Thanksgiving is but a few days away.  Not only does travel go up around this time of year but so do the calories being consumed. Between eating while traveling, going to holiday parties filled with alcohol and buttery appetizers it’s hard to put forth a good effort of resisting the temptation of food that only comes around once a year.  To help, here are some simple tips and tricks to help your

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Today was busy. I worked out from 5:30-7am, went to work from 8-5, came home just to let the dog out, and then went to class from 5:40-9:10pm.

Even though this is my “regular” day, each and everyone has their own “regular” and hectic schedules when it comes to balancing work life, family life, social life, and hobbies. So where does that put nutrition….on the back burner? I for one know my nutrition is not where it

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