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Sip for Success

Days are getting longer and warmer. That means more people are spending time outdoors. No matter your reasons for being outside, gardening,  golfing, watching t-ball, bike and road races, etc. the amount of water you need is increased.

At any point in the year water is your best friend. During the summer months water should always be within reach. When being outdoors for leisure activities drinking high sugar containing beverages should be avoided. These beverages not only increase your blood

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Can you be an Althete and be on a gluten free diet?

Anymore the grocery store is a place that provides a vast array of products for your every need.  Need low sodium food for hypertension?  Or, low fat food for pancreatitis?  What about gluten free foods for Celiac Disease?

Gluten free” not only is necessary for those who are diagnosed with Celiac Disease but has also become a “buzz” word for fad diets.

Gluten = a protein found in wheat and related grains (barley and rye) that gives elasticity

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What children’s plates look like matters!!!

Think back to when you were back in primary or secondary education.  For some of us, this is quite the brain exercise to think back that far, but I know you can do it!  Now that you are back in primary or secondary education think about what you had to eat at school.

Did you eat school lunch?

Did you bring your own school lunch?

Did you like school lunch?

What was your favorite school lunch?

Do you think school lunch

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Kick off St. Patrick’s Day with something Green in your diet!

We have all heard it before…”eat your vegetables!” As a child, many of us would fight consuming that slimy looking green thing sitting on our plate.  As adults, many of our views of vegetables change.  Even if vegetables are not our favorite thing to eat we consume them anyway because of their nutritional benefits.

Vegetables come in different shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and tastes. But did you know that each vegetables poses different nutritional properties and therefore different amounts are needed on

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Feed the World

Have you heard, by 2050 the world’s population in estimated to reach over 9 Billion people! That is a 34 percent increase!  Places most affected will be urban areas in developing countries. To feed this ever growing population food production will have to increase by 70 percent.  Cereal production will need to increase to 3 billion tons vs the 2.1 billon tons today and meat production will need to increase by over 200 million tons.


With so many people

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Can you “Stick” it?

Butter?  Soda? Bacon?  Candy Bars? Chicken? Marshmallows? Eggs?

What do these things have in common?

They are all served on a stick!

It’s that time of year again, where thousands of people flock to their state and country fairs, in part, to eat everything imaginable…on a stick!  From your traditional corn dogs and ice cream bars to your non-traditional chocolate covered chunky bacon maple nougat (yes, this is a real thing), you can basically find anything on a stick.  However, for

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